Galynn Brady: Tom Brady’s Mom In Houston, Cheering For Patriots In Super Bowl LI

Tom Brady’s mom Galynn Brady has been too sick to watch her son play any New England Patriots games this season. That didn’t stop Mrs. Brady from seeing her son play the Super Bowl LI game in Houston, though. On Sunday morning, Brady took to Instagram and shared a picture of his parents, who are on hand to cheer him on.

In the photo, Tom Brady Sr. is giving his wife Galynn a sweet kiss on the cheek while Tom Jr. kisses his mom on the other cheek in the middle of the NRG Stadium field. Tom captioned the photo, “Sandwich kiss for Mom at Picture Day!!! Go Pats!!!!”

Before the Sunday football game, it was unknown if Galynn Brady would be feeling good enough to make it to Houston to cheer Tom on in Super Bowl LI. In a press conference on Wednesday, Tom Brady told reporters that he wasn’t sure yet if she would make it. He also admitted that it has been a rough year for his family, with his mom struggling for the past 18 months with an undisclosed illness. Tom is reluctant to give the details of his mom’s illness, but many on the internet have speculated that Galynn Brady is fighting cancer.

Galynn Brady has been fighting her illness for roughly 18 months now. Normally she goes to many of the New England Patriots games and has never missed seeing her son play in the Super Bowl. This year, Tom’s mother’s health was in question, and it was unknown if she would be able to make it to Houston for the big game. It looks like Galynn was able to make it happen, though, citing that she had been feeling better recently according to People.

Now, there is speculation about how Tom Brady will play in Super Bowl LI. It certainly is a relief to have his mother there since she has been on hand to cheer for her son in every Super Bowl that he’s ever played in. Some believe that having Galynn Brady at NRG Stadium might give Brady the boost he needs to push the New England Patriots to a win. Others wonder if Brady will be distracted by having his ill mother there and let that distraction lead to an Atlanta Falcons win.

On media day, Tom Brady told reporters that he would be looking for his parents in the stands.

“I try to make some eye contact and let them know I am looking at them,” Brady told reporters.

“You like to know where they are at, too. It’s going to be great. It’s a special moment. It’s always been that way. This year it will be as special as it’s ever been.”

Of course, Tom Brady’s parents aren’t the only family that he has on the sidelines cheering him on during Super Bowl LI. Gisele Bundchen will also be there with their 4-year old daughter Vivian Lake. Gisele and Vivian took pictures on the field earlier on Sunday, showing off Vivian’s New England Patriots jersey. Donning her dad’s number, little Vivian’s custom made jersey also says, “Brady’s Little Ladies.”

Whether you’re cheering for the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl LI or not, there’s no denying that Tom Brady is a family man whose parents mean a lot to him. Having them there, in the crowd, cheering him on just might give Brady the boost he needs to beat the Atlanta Falcons. If not, it’s still very sweet that Galynn Brady has never missed watching her son play in the Super Bowl.

[Photos by Maddie Meyer/Andrew Burton/Getty Images]