‘Once Upon A Time’ Episode 207: ‘Child Of The Moon’ Recap

In tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time, “Child of the Moon,” Red learns a valuable lesson about just how much she is loved by her friends and family.

When we opened Once Upon a Time tonight, Charming is celebrating the discovery of pixie dust at the mine. He is sharing a congratulatory drink at Granny’s with the dwarves when he is interrupted by a still-angry King George.

Back in Storybook Land, the man we know as Charming entered an arrangement with King George. He bore an uncanny resemblance to George’s son, the “original Charming.” And when that Charming died after the two tried to stop a dragon (he wasn’t nearly as smart or brave as “our Charming”), he agreed to take his place. Our Charming, a poor but clever farm boy, then got to live as a prince. But when the King expected him to marry a woman he didn’t love, he was forced to break their arrangement and flee.

Now in Storybrooke with the memory of his real son intact, King George vows to come after Charming just like he did in Storybook Land. Charming promises to defeat him, but the King may have something more dangerous planned for our hero. And that plan may involve hurting his friends too.

But the real star tonight was Ruby/Red. She is scared she may revert back to being a werewolf now that the curse is broken in Storybrooke. She has looked everywhere for her special red cloak that stops her from turning but it is nowhere to be found.

She tries her best to imprison herself in the diner but she escapes overnight and must be found before she can hurt an innocent person. Or worse, before the town catches wind she is a “monster” and comes after her head.

The Story Book Land flashback this week gave us even more back-story on Red and her history as a wolf. Can her Storybrooke self remember how she learned to control it in Story Book Land? Can she learn to accept herself as she is and stop punishing herself for being different?

What did you think of tonight’s Once Upon a Time, “Child of the Moon”? Will Snow and Emma ever make it back to Storybrooke?

All Photos by Jack Rowand / ABC