Britney Wears Another Wig. Everyone Panic!

Okay, reserve the real panic for this stuff. But Britney’s still scary. She’s selling her house, but she’s not 100% awesome yet: she’s back to wearing wigs. I’m having flashbacks of the Adnan Days and pink-wig wearing sex tapes— can’t Jamie Spears intervene as a conservator and ban Britney from wearing faux hair?

According to PopSugar, it was just part of her costume for her new vid “Womanizer,” but most people get nervous when she starts… dressing up. Simon Cowell obviously doesn’t, because he was just gushing about her performing on X Factor:

“I’ve always said this about Britney — that she’s a hugely talented person. Everyone wants to work with her because she’s a star. She’s the number one booking in the world at the moment for a show… The fact that she goes a bit crazy occasionally makes her more interesting. And now she has her career back on track — fantastic. I’m thrilled… If she wants to shave her head before she comes on the show, she’s welcome to. I don’t care.”

I hope that Britney doesn’t even see that last bit.