WWE News: Will John Cena Propose To Nikki Bella At Wrestlemania 33?

Is John Cena ready to tie the knot? The WWE star will reportedly pop the big question to his longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33. Will Bella announce her retirement soon after?

Blasting News is reporting that Cena is ready to propose to Bella during the PPV event. Cena has said that he doesn’t want to get married in the past, but he’s more in love with Bella now than ever before. The only thing standing in their way is her desire to start a family.

One of Cena’s biggest fears is that his desire not to have children will ultimately ruin their relationship. In fact, their disagreement on the topic of children could be one reason why they have waited so long to get hitched.

That might all change with WrestleMania 33. According to Four 3 Four, not only would the engagement be a huge boost for ratings, but WWE is also working hard to promote their new reality shows. This includes Total Divas, Holy Foley, and Total Bellas, all of which would benefit greatly from a live engagement.

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Cena and Bella have been dating for four years. The Inquisitr reported that their relationship has been discussed at length on several of WWE’s reality shows. In fact, Cena has opened up about his previously failed marriage on TV and admitted that he doesn’t want to get married ever again.

Of course, Cena’s also explained how Bella is an amazing influence on his life. Given their status as WWE’s biggest celebrities, it only seems like a matter of time before they exchange vows. Whether or not this happens during WresleMania is yet to be seen, but it sounds like the perfect opportunity for them to show their love and capitalize on the publicity.

While John Cena’s desire to get married remains a mystery, Comic Book is reporting that Bella is ready for marriage. Bella recently answered questions from fans on YouTube and was asked if she would “say yes” if Cena popped the big question.

“I think I’ve been saying ‘yes’ for years now. I’m just kidding, I would say ‘yes’ in a heartbeat if John asked me to marry him,” she replied.

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At the same time, Bella opened up about Cena’s attitude towards marriage on Total Divas. Despite his past comments, Bella claims that Cena is willing to get married. He hasn’t taken the dive, however, because he still doesn’t want children.

“You guys, John finally told me on our three-year anniversary that marriage doesn’t bother him, and he wants to marry me,” she shared. “The reason why he hasn’t asked is that he has to know deep down in my heart that I’m okay not being a mom.”

Bella added that her desire to get married is a relatively new development that came after some therapy and alone time. “Just doing therapy and thinking about things, it was actually a month ago when I realized I want him next to me my whole life. I can’t live without him,” she explained.

WWE has even found ways to poke fun at the couple’s engagement. During Smackdown LIVE, Bella’s biggest rival, Natalya, tried to get a rise by telling her, “John Cena will never marry you!” and later added, “You will die alone!”

Given Cena’s willingness to get married, it doesn’t sound like Bella will end up alone. Whether or not they decide to have children down the road is another matter. Fans can only hope that Cena will take advantage of the spotlight and propose to Bella during WrestleMania.

Fans can find out if John Cena and Nikki Bella get engaged when WrestleMania 33 arrives on PPV on April 2.

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