Chicago Bears To Make Patriots’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo Their Top Offseason Priority

The Chicago Bears‘ interest in New England Patriots‘ quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo appears to be gaining steam. There are reports about the Bears looking into what it will take to acquire Garoppolo. Will the Chicago Bears complete a deal with the New England Patriots for the backup to Tom Brady, or will another NFL team outbid them?

Despite a big game taking place in a couple of days, much of the talk have centered on “Deflate-Gate.” One of the more quieter storylines being discussed is the availability of the Patriots’ Jimmy Garoppolo, who is assumed to be on the NFL trading block.

Barring an injury to Tom Brady, or the game getting out of hand, Garoppolo will not attempt a pass in Super Bowl 51. And if the reports are accurate, the next pass that Jimmy Garoppolo throws will be with another team.

According to CBS Sports‘ Jason La Canfora, the Chicago Bears are vying to be Jimmy Garoppolo’s new NFL team. The report suggests that acquiring Garoppolo is the top priority for the Bears this offseason. La Canfora points out the fact that the Bears have scouted Garoppolo for a long stretch of time.

“The Bears have done extensive work on Garoppolo and are very comfortable with him. He shined in the preseason and was exceptional filling in for Tom Brady early this season and has strong roots to that community. He played at Eastern Illinois, where [Chicago Bears’ general manager] Pace played as well.”

Bears’ general manager Ryan Pace’s familiarity with Garoppolo is expected to play a huge role in the trade negotiations with the Patriots. It would be no shock if that has also factored into the CBS Sports‘ report about him becoming the Bears’ top offseason priority.

Adding a franchise quarterback is on the top of the Chicago Bears’ wish list in the coming months. Which passer fits what the Bears envision as a potential franchise QB might be slowly coming into focus. The Patriots’ Jimmy Garoppolo looks to be the prototype.

What will appeal to the Bears is Garoppolo’s arm strength and accuracy. In the two full games that Garoppolo started and finished this season, he threw for 496 yards and four touchdowns. He only misfired on 17 of his 59 passes in games against the Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins.

The most important statistical total that Jimmy Garoppolo boasts is his zero interceptions in 63 passes thus far. That will especially appeal to the Chicago Bears.

There will be other teams in the running for Jimmy Garoppolo. It is expected that the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and San Francisco 49ers will join the Chicago Bears in the hunt for Garoppolo. Ironically, the soon-to-be head coach of the 49ers, Kyle Shanahan, has heaped some praise in Garoppolo’s direction.

“It’s been a great deal for him I’m sure in the situation he is, being behind Tom, seeing how they do it. I’m sure when he does get his opportunity whether it’s earlier this year in the two games he played or possibly next year, who knows what will happen — I’m sure he’ll be ready.”

It must be noted that Shanahan, who is the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons, is speaking from the vantage point of one of the opposing coaches this weekend. If Kyle Shanahan continues to like what he sees from Jimmy Garoppolo, things will undoubtedly get interesting.

It will take a first-round draft pick for an NFL team to pry Garoppolo from the New England Patriots. The San Francisco 49ers are armed with pick No. 2, which is one before the Chicago Bears. No one is suggesting that the Bears are willing to go as far as offering their top pick, but that is what it might take for them to nab Garoppolo.

What works against the Chicago Bears is the idea that the San Francisco 49ers’ need for a passer is greater. It is not inconceivable to believe that the 49ers would be willing to outbid the Bears. If the Chicago Bears were to lose out on Jimmy Garoppolo, it will not be the end of the road for them. It would just signal the idea that Bears are simply being fiscally responsible.

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