NCT Dream K-Pop Comeback In February 2017 With ‘The First’

UPDATED 02/10/17 — NCT Dream finally released the music video for “My First and Last” and they are staying with the high school theme. This time, the boy band is trying to impress their beautiful teacher. They try everything even show off their creativity by making cars from cardboard. Unfortunately, they realize the teacher is married and has a baby too.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE 02/01/17 — Last year, SM Entertainment rookie K-pop boy band Neo Culture Technology, better known as NCT, formed their third sub-unit consisting of members 17-years-old or younger. They were known as NCT Dream and consisted of Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung. They made their debut last year in August with their first single “Chewing Gum.”

Now half a year later, NCT Dream will make their very first K-pop comeback. This month in February, NCT Dream will release the first single album under the NCT collective titled The First featuring title track song “My First and Last.”

The news of NCT Dream making their first K-pop comeback was first made known in an exclusive report on January 26, as reported by AllKpop. K-pop industry insiders made it known that NCT Dream was preparing for a comeback in February right after their label mates Red Velvet releases Rookie. Eventually, a representative of SM Entertainment confirmed the news in an official statement to the press.

“NCT Dream are currently busy working on their new album with the goal of a comeback in February. Please look forward to it.”

Along with the announcement, the representative provided first teaser images for NCT Dream’s upcoming comeback. It is with these images we know the single album is titled The First, and it will feature a title track song known as “My First and Last.” We also learned it would release this coming Thursday, February 9.

NCT Dream First Promo of 'The First'
The first promo for NCT Dream's K-pop comeback details the single album will be called 'The First' and will feature a title track song, 'My First and Last.' [Image by SM Entertainment/NCT Official Website]

Right now, SM Entertainment and NCT Dream and continuing their promotions leading up to The First releasing this coming week. On Friday, February 3 at midnight KST, the sub-unit updated their website with a lot of promotional images forThe First, as reported by Soompi. It seems they will continue the school theme first utilized in their debut track song “Chewing Gum.” The promo images consisted of one group image (shown as the featured image) and numerous solo images of NCT Dream member Chenle.

NCT Dream 'The First' Promo for Chenle
In the first batch of promotional teasers released by SM Entertainment and NCT Dream, Chenle is featured. [Image by SM Entertainment/NCT Official Website]

To put things into perspective, this might be the first K-pop comeback for NCT Dream, but it is technically the second K-pop comeback under the NCT collaborative. As we know, NCT as a whole is a “limitless number of members” who are “drafted” out to sub-units. So far, there are only three sub-units created: NCT U, NCT 127, and of course NCT Dream. Mark is the only NCT member to be a part of all the sub-units so far.

Getting back on subject, NCT 127 technically had the first K-pop comeback for the NCT collective when they released their second extended play (EP) or mini-album Limitless earlier this year. It was extremely popular as it ranked number one on the Korean chart, number 13 on the Japan chart, number four on the U.S. Heat chart, and number one on the U.S. World chart. As for the title track song of the same name, it ranked number four on the U.S. World chart.

Ultimately, we are still a week away until NCT Dream releases their single album The First on, as mentioned earlier, this coming Thursday, February 9. Within that time, K-pop fans expect to see more teasers come out before its release. These include individual promotional images of the remaining NCT Dream members, a track listing and album cover preview, and a music video snippet.

[Featured Image by SM Entertainment/NCT Official Website]