Dianna Agron Gives Paparazzi A Nipple Show In Sheer Dress At Dior Event

Dianna Agron rocked a sheer Christian Dior outfit giving the cameras and other attendants a nipple show at the Dior Poison Girl Eau de Toilette International Launch event which was held on Tuesday.

Dianna’s sheer dress was the same sheer outfit that Bella Hadid rocked a few days prior at a fashion show in Paris. However, Agron’s sheer dress was black while Bella’s dress was blue. Both ladies undoubtedly looked ravishing and their dresses attracted a lot of attention.


Agron’s dress left very little to imagination

Dianna’s see-through dress gave a sneak peek at her nipples and she happened not to have a bra underneath. Other than the nipple show, the dress looked very good and it also showed off her beautiful skin including her legs and thighs. However, it looks as if she had matching black underwear underneath to avoid revealing too much. The dress also showed off a bit of cleavage and it had shoulder straps with the words “Christian Dior” imprinted on them. The star had tied her hair into a ponytail so that her hair which made her facial features pop. She accessorized the dress with a hand clutch.

“Beneath the full-bodied skirt on the gown was a pair of high-waisted knickers which acted to show off her slender and gym-honed middle,”Daily Mailpointed out.

Dianna Agron nipple show in sheer dress
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Who wore the dress better?

The only difference between Dianna’s dress and Gigi’s dress was the color. However, it is safe to say that they both pulled off the look quite nicely. Though the blue color of Hadid’s dress made it easier to see what she was working with underneath making her nipple show more pronounced than that of Agron. This was also perhaps due to the fact that the black dress was a bit less see-through than Hadid’s dress. also, Dianna’s sheer dress had a bit more styling on the breasts.

Dianna was one of the numerous celebrities that assisted in the launch of the Dior fragrance which is one of the reasons she was glad in the Dior dress. Additionally, the black dress brought out an appealing contrast with the color of her skin. She also had a pair of black heels to match the outfit. The 30-year-old has a good girl reputation but she was willing to put that aside for the special night. She also exuded beauty and confidence even with her interesting choice of see-through attire.

Dianna Agron nipple show in sheer dress
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“We think both ladies stunned in the daring number,” claims US Magazine.

Unlike Bella, Dianna opted not to wear anything on her neck, perhaps so that she would not dilute the attention given to the dress. Though she did rock golden earrings but they were not as flashy. The actress clearly wanted the dress to be the highlight of her look which she clearly achieved with ease. She also had a ring on her finger but other than that there were no more ornaments.


Bella Hadid, on the other hand, opted to wear a shiny choker on her neck and multiple rings on her fingers. She also tied her hair into a ponytail so that it would not get in the way of showing off the dress. The beautiful model was so pleased with the way she looked in the outfit that she took to Instagram to post a photo of herself in it before she attended the event.

Despite the raunchy nature of the Christian Dior dresses, both Dianna and Hadid managed to look sexy and stunningly stylish. They both proved that sheer is also quite fashionable and it does make quite a statement in that regard. The actress also proved that she is not afraid to go beyond her comfort zone as long as she looks good while doing it. As far as comparison is concerned, it is difficult to say who between Hadid and Agron wore the sheer dress better because they both looked stunning and scandalous with their nipple show.

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