WWE News: Huge Update On Seth Rollins’ Injury, Will He Miss ‘Wrestlemania 33?’

During the long awaited confrontation between Seth Rollins and Triple H on Raw this week, the former was attacked by Samoa Joe and reinjured his knee, and there is a lot of speculation about him potentially missing Wrestlemania for the second straight year. Rollins lost roughly seven months of his career during his first major knee injury. The jury is still out on this one, but there are some huge new details on his injury status.

As of this writing, Seth Rollins has been evaluated by WWE doctors in Alabama, but an official update on his condition or his status for Wrestlemania 33 hasn’t been revealed. Before his injury, he was expected to feud with Samoa Joe into the WWE FastLane PPV and finally get in the ring with Triple H on the grandest stage of them all. However, those plans will be kaput if it’s revealed that Rollins has to miss significant time.

Everyone is hoping for the best because another injury for Rollins would put him on the shelf, force him to miss another Wrestlemania and stall the momentum he has that could have turned him into WWE’s biggest babyface. Not only all that, but WWE officials may not be willing to trust Rollins as much because they’d see him as injury prone. Unfortunately, the latest update reveals all of this may actually be happening to him.

Seth Rollins Injury Has Changed Everything
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We do not have a confirmation yet about his status. However, we do have more information. According to a new report, Rollins’ knee is so swollen due to the injury that WWE doctors haven’t done an MRI yet, which means we will have to wait for confirmation about the severity of his injury. WWE is hoping that he doesn’t have a ligament tear, but that is the worst case scenario because he would definitely miss Wrestlemania 33.

Yesterday, WWE officials had an emergency meeting to go over the creative and make alternative changes to the Wrestlemania card because the powers that be are moving forward expecting Rollins to be unavailable once the tests come back on his knee later this week. WWE officials are hoping to get Seth’s results back on Friday, so there’s plenty of time for them to make necessary creative changes for next week’s edition of Raw.

There are already some new ideas about what to do with Samoa Joe now that he has made his debut on the main roster and Triple H if the rivalry with Rollins is canceled for the grandest stage of them all. Rollins and WWE may get lucky. It is also being reported that he could have suffered a torn MCL, which would mean his timetable for a return is eight weeks. It would be close, but he’d likely be back in time for Wrestlemania 33, which would be the best case scenario.

Seth Rollins Still Demands Retirubtion For Trilpe Hs Actions
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However, if Seth Rollins’ injury is confirmed by the MRI to be a ligament tear, the timetable for his recovery and eventual WWE return to the ring would be between four and six months. On paper, that means Rollins would be back at some point during the summer. Unfortunately, that’s the most information we’re likely to know until after Seth has the MRI on Friday or this weekend. Hopefully, Rollins can get some good news.

Four to six months is a long time to sit on the sidelines and watch your second straight Wrestlemania pass you by despite being one of the best wrestlers in the world. Rollins has been derailed twice by a knee injury, so you have to wonder if he came back too early from the first injury. He wrestled for roughly eight months without an issue, but you have to question if his body can handle the workload of being a top guy in WWE.

Seth Rollins is a remarkably talented wrestler and performer, but he’s going to need to learn to stay healthy and possibly change his style in the ring to be less reckless. He can do amazing things, but there are only so many times he can miss that kind of time before WWE moves on to someone else. For now, he has the full support of the WWE Universe, and we all just need to hope for the best for him before the tests come back.

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