Joshua ‘Bam’ Brown Is Leaving ‘Alaskan Bush People,’ Getting Married

There is really shocking news coming out about Joshua “Bam” Brown of Alaskan Bush People. It turns out that he is going to be leaving Alaskan Bush People and getting married. People shared the details about what is going on with Joshua Brown now. He is the second oldest son, and the idea of Joshua leaving is pretty surprising, but it sounds like he is following his heart.


Matt Brown went to rehab, and after he came back, everyone was surprised to hear that Joshua was leaving. He decided to follow his heart and leave Alaskan Bush People heading to live in the lower 48 hours. He shared that it is hard, saying, “Just trying to navigate walking down the sidewalk is an experience. But meeting fans has been really interesting. My favorite is when a little kid will run up to me and go, ‘You’re the guy off TV!’ I get such a kick out of it.”

So what made Joshua “Bam” Brown move away from Alaska? He is saying that he met a girl. He revealed, “She’s stirred something inside me and made my soul wake up. I hope we can blend our lives together and I can take her back to Alaska.” It turns out that Joshua isn’t engaged yet, but if that does happen you know that the Alaskan Bush People cameras will try to be rolling for it all. Tonight is when you will get to see the big decision that he made to leave the Alaskan Bush and get on with his life elsewhere.


Alaska Dispatch News shared a few details about another person on Alaskan Bush People. The youngest brother Noah has also found love. Noah has been seen dating on the show before, but it really does seem like Noah has found the right girl this time around. At one point, Noah was really serious with a local girl. He even wrote her a song. Some of the lyrics are, “It’s been a year, since I saw you last / It’s been a year since my heart has past / It’s been two years since last we met / You broke my heart like it was glass / But I fixed it now like you could never do, with a little tape and just a bit of glue.”

You will get to see Noah’s new girlfriend on Alaskan Bush People. Her name is Rhain Alicia. This can be a bit confusing, though. He has a sister named Merry Christmas Catherine Raindrop Brown. She goes by the name Rain. That can make it sound like he is dating his sister, but that is not the case at all on Alaskan Bush People. Noah has actually found love with a girl named Rhain. He explained his feelings for his new girl.

“Usually people say that when you see a beautiful woman that you are instantly attracted to, something is magical there, that your heart will skip a beat. That’s not true. My heart wasn’t working. I guess it started beating.”

The internet does have pictures of Noah with her in Las Vegas. It will be interesting to see what all they end up showing on Alaskan Bush People. The fans can’t wait to see these two guys find love and see how it goes for them.

Are you shocked to hear that Joshua “Bam” Brown is leaving Alaskan Bush People? Do you think that he will end up back in Alaska? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Alaskan Bush People on Discovery.

Update: Who is the new girl in his life? Find out here!

[Featured Image by Lance King/Getty Images]