Beyonce Announces She’s Expecting Twins And The Internet Hilariously Reacts

It’s official: Beyonce is gracing the world with two babies this year, and it was only right fans shared their joy through hilarious reactions online.

Harper’s Bazaar covered the world’s reactions as people started creating memes and tweeted about Bey’s joyful news.

“Today, Beyonce graced us all with the greatest news of 2017: she is pregnant with twins. As expected, the Internet and Twitter collectively lost it within seconds of Queen Bey sharing the official announcement on Instagram.”

Of course, this refers to the baby bump photo Beyonce shared on Instagram Wednesday. It only took eight hours for her post to receive over 6.5 million likes, and then the reactions started pouring in as well.

Fans quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on Queen Bey’s news, and most of the reactions are pretty funny. Some users suggested that Beyonce and husband Jay Z decided the world could use some good news, so they got pregnant.


Another Twitter user stated that Beyonce’s pregnancy is also their pregnancy as many fans are overjoyed by the news, even though Bey is a complete stranger to most. The tweet sums up how most of the Beyhive feel about hearing that the 35-year-old singer is expecting twins.


Other fans contemplated what the news means for Coachella, where Beyonce is set to perform in mid-April.


E! News wrote an article stating that Bey’s pregnancy is actually a good thing for Coachella; in fact, the site says it’s a “really good thing.” The site states fans are worried about the performance as Beyonce will be further along in her pregnancy, especially since she’s carrying twins, which may complicate things. However, E! News sees several positive outcomes, including the Coachella sets being some of Beyonce’s best.

“For us, it got us thinking how the pregnancy news could add several positive elements to what is already expected to be a special performance.”

The article states that Bey may focus more on vocals as she won’t be able to do a lot of dancing at that stage in her pregnancy, or she may even be more open and honest with fans as pregnancy hormones take effect. The article also suggests that she may bring special guests on stage to help out with the performance, which could be Jay Z or even Destiny’s Child.

But the biggest positive about Bey’s Coachella show is it may be the last time she performs for a while, so fans should be sure to tune in before she welcomes her second and third babies.

“After Coachella, it’s more than likely that the proud mom will take some much-deserved time off work. Besides, it wasn’t too long ago when her world tour concluded. What we’re trying to say is this will be one of her final performances for quite some time. Enjoy every moment festival goers.”

Beyonce is already mom to 5-year-old Blue Ivy, who she may want to spend quality time with prior to giving birth as well. Bey just ended her Formation World Tour, so one could only imagine she’s ready for some time off with family. And little Blue Ivy wasn’t safe from the memes either as fans took to reacting to Bey’s pregnancy announcement.

People created several memes of Blue as they made light-hearted jokes about her becoming a big sister, which also means sharing mommy and daddy’s money. Just one look at the hashtags #Beyonce and #BlueIvy will result in numerous posts showing fans’ hilarious reactions to the exciting news.

But all jokes aside, it’s safe to say the world — and the Beyhive — is ready for more baby Beyonces!

[Featured Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images]