‘The Batman’ Movie And DCEU Dysfunctional? Ben Affleck’s Statement Deceptive?

With The Batman movie’s Ben Affleck’s recent announcement of him stepping down as director of the DCEU flick, there comes a time to question how things are faring at Warner Bros. studios. For some time, it was iffy whether or not he would be helming the project as so many had hoped, and then he finally announced he would be doing so about a couple of weeks ago.


After all, Affleck had written, directed, and starred in the gangster drama Live By Night and that turned out to be “a contender for flop of the year, with projected studio losses of US$75 million,” according to The National. He also dual-directed and starred in other movies as well.

Ben Affleck’s PR Statement Believable?

Movie correspondent John Campea over at Collider took to his page and thought Ben’s recent statement was not to be believed. Although he considered it apropos, he found it unbelievable and cited it as part of the dysfunction that has been going on. He also questioned whether or not Ben Affleck lied about directing The Batman altogether just about two weeks ago on Jimmy Kimmel versus the recent breaking news. John also voiced his thoughts on the Collider Video.

Campea was of the mind that for a driven man who had written and directed three movies, that this whole thing “was clearly set up intentionally” to subdue the buzz of rumors about Ben Affleck’s role in all of this.

“With such a calculated and definitive statement made just mere weeks ago, are we actually to believe that Affleck, who has already taken on the dual role of director and actor in 3 films, one of which winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards, now suddenly just days later had a complete reversal of philosophy or confidence?”

There’s also the matter if his statement regarding his lack of ability to direct and act in The Batman all at once when he clearly has done so in past films. That’s what makes it so unbelievable. Take his 2012 Argo movie. Affleck directed and acted and the movie went on to win Best Picture over at the Academy Awards. He won quite a few other accolades along with it. The man is of considerable talent, so why would he step down from a highly anticipated movie?

Would it be a big deal if he did step down because he is still starring, screen writing with Geoff Johns, and producing? Would having his tentacles in all three be sufficient for a quality DC movie?

DC Dysfunction Like Brundle Fly

This isn’t the only dysfunction that has been going on in the DCEU. In addition to The Batman movie, there were other issues going on with other films at Warner Bros. such as The Flash’s script going in for a re-write and had also gone through two record directors.

Director Michelle MacLaren had left the helm of Wonder Woman over “creative differences.” There is also the matter of Rick Famuyiwa who had left The Flash director’s helm, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That is quite a list and according to John Campea, “Affleck’s departure outside of that light would be neglectful at best.”

Although John mentions that Ben Affleck’s statement “doesn’t stand up to the slightest tests of logic or critical thinking”, it does make you wonder what kind of decision making processes are occurring over at Warner Bros. and DC. This recent breaking news may be quite the debacle of things to come in the DCEU and according to Campea, Ben’s walking away from The Batman movie helm “is just the tip of the iceberg.”

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