‘Outlander’ Season 3: Lord John Grey To Be Heavily Featured? [Spoilers]

Outlander Season 3 will be inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s third book, Voyager. However, fans would like to know if another set of source material from the author could be slotted in for the small screen.

Viewers who read Gabaldon’s bestselling Outlander series would like to see more of the dashing Lord John Grey, an important character in the novels who first appeared in the second season of the Starz hit played by Oscar Kennedy.

Lord John Grey is loved by many followers of the novels so much that Gabaldon has written an entire spinoff book series focused on the character. Now, readers would love to see some of these come to life in Outlander Season 3.

On Twitter, the novelist was asked by a fan about the possibility of fleshing out the character in Outlander Season 3 with the novellas as a source, but her answer might not be music to the ears of some.

While this is the case, there is one exciting takeaway from what the author said. Virgins is an Outlander novella released back in 2013. It is not one of the books focused on Lord John Grey, but it tells an exciting story.

It sees Jamie (played in the series by Sam Heughan) and Ian Murray become mercenaries as they escort two important people while rectifying the fact that they are still virgins, which should be interesting to see unfold to an extent in Outlander Season 3.

Based on Gabaldon’s comments, the tomes of historical mysteries and tales centered on Lord John might be sidelined in Outlander Season 3 since he is not the focus of the story.

Interestingly, back in September 2016, Heughan suggested in an interview with The Inquirer Daily News that one Lord John Grey book may have been snuck in for Outlander Season 3.

This is none other than The Scottish Prisoner, which details events set around the same time Voyager takes place. This book finds Jamie as a paroled prisoner of war haunted by the memories of Claire (played on the show by Caitriona Balfe), and he is keen on shying away from war or politics.

Outlander characters Jamie and Claire walk side by side
An Outlander promotional still showing Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. [Image by Starz]

All of this changes when he is recruited for help by Lord John, with the two ending up traveling to Ireland for a time-sensitive mission. If this is set up to be included in Outlander Season 3, it looks like the character will get some more exposure in the new season.

Knowing his background in the books, Lord John will even set the stage for some major plot developments on the show, particularly involving the notable new character additions to Outlander.

As far as his role in Outlander Season 3 goes, Lord John will play an interesting part in the lives of Jamie and Claire. In fact, he will complicate things for them.

Voyager sees Jamie and Lord John cross paths again decades after their tense first meeting. Fans will remember how young John tried (and failed) to kill Jamie while under the impression he was doing the people a favor by taking down the notorious Highlander.

Lord John Grey actor David Berry poses for the camera
Outlander star David Berry at the 6th AACTA Awards. [Image by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]

Lord John, now older and debonair, is revealed to be a gay aristocrat and soldier. In the book, he develops feelings for Jamie while the latter was still being held prisoner at the Ardsmuir Prison. It is likely that this will be the storyline he will be involved with come Outlander Season 3.

The older version of Lord John, described in the official character description picked up by Entertainment Weekly as “boyishly handsome” and a “consummate gentleman,” will be played by David Berry.

Those who cannot get enough of the character are in for another treat as Gabaldon is also releasing a brand new collection of novellas this June with another bunch set for next year.

Outlander Season 3 is currently being filmed with the cast and crew now in Dunure. A premiere date has yet to be revealed.

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