Donald Trump’s Tweets About Kate Middleton Nude Pics Make Royal Visit Awkward

Donald Trump’s tweets about the 2012 Kate Middleton nude pics just keep coming back to haunt him. Now that Trump is the president, his tweets about Middleton are going to haunt a lot more than his own personal interests.

The Independent reports that as the president, Trump will make a state visit to Britain meet with Queen Elizabeth as the representative of the United States of America. The president will be received by Her Majesty in a formal setting filled with details of royal protocol that has no place for Trump’s tweets.

The Twitter fiasco began after Kate Middleton nude pics were released by paparazzi in 2012. Kate and her husband, Prince William, were sunbathing on private property while on vacation, and clearly, the royal couple felt safe from prying eyes. Kate went topless to catch some rays, but paparazzi were close by and caught some nude pics of the topless Duchess.

The Kate Middleton nude pics have been traumatizing for Middleton, but she continued to calmly carry out her royal duties.
Kate Middleton on a visit to a children's hospice. Middleton's sunbathing photos have caused trauma for the Duchess. [Image by: KGC-178/STAR MAX/IPx/Ap Images]

Most people saw the photos as an invasion of Middleton’s privacy, but Trump saw it differently. As the International Business Times writes, Trump took to Twitter to defend the photographers, and his tweets “blamed the duchess for sunbathing topless in the first place.”


Yahoo News reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are “embroiled in a court case” with the photographers and owners of the magazine that published Kate Middleton’s sunbathing photos.

Middleton and William are taking their privacy seriously, to the point of building an expensive hedge at Kensington Palace to block onlookers from catching a glimpse of their family. It’s not likely that they are willing to overlook Trump’s Twitter statements about who was to blame. Some Twitter users are having fun with joke tweets about the Britain-America relationship.


Now with the impending high-level state visit, Trump’s attitude about Middleton’s nude pics is only adding fuel to the fire of protest. Already, 1.6 million people have signed a petition against Trump’s state visit to Britain, and more are signing every day. Twitter is exploding with news of the petition.

There are also concerns about Trump’s “differing views on climate change to Prince Charles.” William’s father is outspoken and deeply concerned about climate change, but the Trump administration has already indicated that Trump won’t put up with being “lectured” by the heir to the throne. Officials have warned that Trump could “erupt” if pushed on the subject.


According to The Times, Trump is “reluctant to meet” Prince Charles because of their differing views, and government officials responsible for organizing the state visit consider the prince to be a “serious risk factor.”

The conflict has led to a situation where Trump’s advisors are asking that he meet with the junior royals, including Princes Harry and William, rather than Prince Charles.

This request comes despite Trump’s Kate Middleton tweet, which is making it increasingly unlikely that Middleton’s husband would accept a meeting with Trump.

Kate and Prince William enjoyed an excellent relationship with the former president and his wife. Barack and Michelle Obama met with the Cambridges in April of 2016.

Donald Trump's Kate Middleton tweets about Middleton's nude photos may prevent a dinner with the Cambridges.
Prince William and Kate Middleton hosted Barack and Michelle Obama at a Kensington Palace dinner. It is not yet know whether Trump's Kate Middleton tweets will prevent a similar event during Trump's state visit. [Image by Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images]

The Duke and Duchess hosted the Obamas at Kensington Palace for dinner and a visit with family. The two couples were comfortable enough with each other that the Cambridges introduced their son, Prince George, to President Obama.

What do you think? Will Donald Trump’s Twitter habits and attitude stop Kate and William from meeting with him on his visit to Britain?

[Featured Image by Tim Ireland/AP Images]