WWE News: John Cena & Nikki Bella To Battle The Miz & Maryse At ‘WrestleMania 33

It was rumored for quite some time that John Cena would have a fun, interesting match for WrestleMania 33 but it seems those plans changed most likely due to his girlfriend Nikki Bella being the cause of it. We know by now that John Cena is a 16 time World Champion in the WWE. He already had the most WWE Titles in company history and already had the company record for World Titles. However, overall Ric Flair’s record is legendary, and it is one you want to match or better.

Flair did it in three different places: WWE, WCW, and NWA. Cena has done it all with WWE and was already in the company of other legends, but now he may be in the conversation for greatest of all time. That said, you would imagine he would have a huge match at WrestleMania 33 to capitalize on this. Sadly, that is not what is planned out for John Cena as his girlfriend Nikki Bella has shifted this, but not because she somehow spoke to management.

Sadly according to Cageside Seats, Nikki Bella may be retiring from pro wrestling due to her neck it appears. She came back from a horrific neck injury that she sustained in 2015 when she made her return to WWE SmackDown Live in 2016, but with neck injuries you often times work on borrowed time. Like her sister Brie Bella last year, she wants to end her career having wrestled last at WrestleMania in the match she wanted to have…with the person she wanted to have it with.

Nikki Bella
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Obviously, John Cena wants to make sure that this happens. This is why according to the same source, the plan for Cena is to partner up with Nikki to take on The Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania 33. This would be the return to the ring for Maryse, who has simply managed her real life husband The Miz since coming back to WWE last year on the post-WrestleMania WWE RAW.

Maryse is a three-time Diva’s Champion and possibly one of the best to hold the title. Meanwhile, Nikki Bella has the longest reign in the title’s history. Now the title is retired and two of the last women from the Divas era are working with WWE with one possibly out the door soon. While many will think this match sort of ruins the great John Cena match for WrestleMania that we get every year, it is not like it cannot be good.

The Miz has killed it all year long and has a storied history with John Cena. Miz’s last big win at WrestleMania happened to be over John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania 27. He was helped by The Rock a bit, but he still is known as a former main eventer of the show and the man who beat John Cena in the match. This may be old news to most every fan, but it still means a lot to the career of The Miz and puts his career in an area that most will never achieve.

Miz and Maryse
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While Nikki Bella may retire from active full-time WWE competition, there is a possibility she steps in the ring every now and then. The reason is simply because of the fact that she is deciding to walk away before things get too bad for her neck. If she does too much over time things can be problematic, but if she wrestles every so often, then it won’t be as big of a problem for her.

She could also remain with WWE even after her retirement from the ring, if she does formally announce it soon. She could always take on a management role for television, as WWE would love to keep her around. She will go where John Cena goes most likely, and if he remains with WWE, she will do so as well. Of course she may take time away to be with her sister Brie at first will be about to pop with her first child by the time WrestleMania comes around. So that might be her early focus.

While the normally interesting John Cena match may not happen this year, that does not mean there cannot be some interest added to this match for WWE. We all know the history is useful to add to the rivalry, and seeing two former WWE Diva’s Champions go at it is fun to see. Mixed tags are seldom exciting, but with the people involved WWE will likely let them do a lot more than normal. That said, WWE may not be giving us a bad match here when all is said and done.

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