Dorit Kemsley On ‘RHOBH’ Marriage Stress: Will She Suffer The Reality Curse?

Dorit Kemsley is brand new to reality television and she’s learning that everything she says on national television will be used against her on social media. Even though she had only filmed a few episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kemsley was quickly faced with criticism. Dorit had been very vocal about how Americans needed to be more relaxed and less conservative, but in that same episode, Kemsley was shocked that Erika Girardi would go to a party without wearing underwear. And she was even more shocked that her husband, PK, would stare at her private area in hopes of spotting Erika’s private parts.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorit Kemsley is now revealing that the show hasn’t exactly influenced her marriage to PK. Even though PK told Dorit that he enjoyed the view when Erika wasn’t wearing underwear, he also made sure that his wife felt special by pointing out that Erika’s body may have been available to the world.

Many couples have fallen victim to the reality television curse, including the marital curse that seems to haunt The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Camille Grammer, Yolanda Hadid, and Adrienne Maloof are just some of the women who have gotten divorced while filming the show – but all for different reasons. Cheating, disease and a lack of trust have all been reasons for divorces on the show, but Dorit Kemsley doesn’t think her marriage will be influenced by the fame.

“PK’s cool. He likes it. He likes the thrill of it,” Dorit Kemsley explains about her husband’s supportive behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, according to Bravo, adding, “As far as the negative attention, he just says, ‘Oh, who cares? We are who we are. The people that know us, know us. We don’t really have anything to really worry about in that regard.'”

Of course, Dorit and her husband have received some negative attention, especially after they both took Lisa Vanderpump’s side in regards to Eileen Davidson not telling the ladies about her mother dying. While Dorit and PK thought that Eileen should have told everyone about her mother’s death, Lisa Rinna understood why she didn’t. And fans felt that they were just pushing Lisa Vanderpump’s agenda, as Dorit and Vanderpump were close friends before she started filming the show.

“PK and I are so solid. We just are,” Dorit Kemsley explains about her marriage to Bravo, sharing that the couple has two children together and they do have a strong bond, explaining, “We don’t really let outside influences come into our little tight bond because it’s me and him and we are so the yin and yang. We connect. I mean, I’m OK on my own, but then I’m with PK [and] I’m whole, and it’s the same for him. So, therefore, no outside influences and nothing that anyone can say can seep in or create waves between him and I.”

And maybe they are stronger than other marriages because they do spend a lot of time together. And maybe they have been able to talk about all of the negative criticism they have received. Talking things through and being there for one another could help them through this rough season for the new housewife.

“We spend 24/7 together,” Dorit Kemsley tells Bravo about their strong relationship, adding, “And he knows every single thing there is to know and vice versa. Neither one of us make a big decision without checking or clearing or talking about it with the other one.”

What do you think about Dorit Kemsley’s marriage to PK? Do you think they will survive the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills curse?

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