2017 Honda Civic vs Civic Sport Plus: Which Type-R-Inspired Car Is Better?

The 10th-generation Honda Civic arguably embodies Honda’s best efforts in recent years. Over the last few years, the iconic Civic became synonymous with the idea of a car that is extremely reliable but plainly designed. With the 10th-generation Civic, however, Honda decided to shake things up, designing the new Civic as an entirely new car built on an entirely different platform. The result, of course, was the current Civic, a car with the brand’s classic reliability coupled with and aggressive new look and improved performance.

The 2017 Honda Civic has numerous variants, ranging from the entry-level 1.0-liter version to the fire-breathing Civic Type-R that is set to be released sometime later this year. What is currently available now, however, are two particular versions of the iconic car, both of which appear to be inspired by the performance-based origins of the Civic Type-R. With so many options to choose from, here is a brief guide on two of the Civic’s popular variations – the regular 2017 Honda Civic and the Civic Sport Plus. Here’s what each car has to offer.

The 2017 Honda Civic Type-R is expected to be released sometime later this year.
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2017 Honda Civic

Like its predecessors, the 2017 Honda Civic is a pretty satisfactory all-rounder, offering ample power and reliability in a package that is reasonably priced and generously specced. Currently, the 2017 Civic is offered with either a 1.0-liter, 129hp engine or a more powerful four-cylinder 1.5-liter, 182hp engine. While the 1.5-liter variant exceeds its lower-specced sibling in terms of power and performance, the 1.0-liter version is nothing to scoff about. Reviews of the car from auto website Motoring Research stated that the 1.0-liter Civic’s engine is quite capable and likable on its own, especially in the way the engine runs when cruising.

What is particularly interesting with the 2017 Honda Civic is the fact that despite its entry-level designation, it is still a fairly satisfactory car in its own right. Reviewers have even noted that the 2017 Civic is a pretty well-rounded driver’s car, in the way that it echoes much of the features that have become a trademark of the company’s esteemed Type-R line, such as an advanced suspension system that puts its predecessor’s capabilities to shame. Overall, the 10th-generation Honda Civic is a very capable car, and it could definitely give industry leaders such as the VW Golf a run for its money.

2017 Honda Civic Sport Plus

While nowhere near the performance of the formidable Type-R, the 2017 Honda Civic Sport Plus is a very well-rounded car on its own. While the 1.5-liter Civic Sport Plus is more parts an average Civic than a performance car, the vehicle does have a number of unique tricks up its sleeve. A report from motoring website Car Throttle stated that the Civic Sport Plus, with its adaptive dampers and independent multi-link system, is pretty much a preview of the features and advancements that are set to come with the arrival of the Civic Type-R.

What makes the Civic Sport Plus particularly interesting is the fact that the car could perform pretty well when it needs to. With the throttle fully engaged, the Civic Sport Plus’ 180bhp engine is capable of hitting 0-62mph in around 8.3 seconds. While its acceleration is really nothing to scream about, its engine’s aggressive noise and overall ride stability make the Civic Sport Plus pretty fun to drive. The car’s ride stability and its capability to tackle corners efficiently further add to the charm of the vehicle.

The Honda Civic Sport Plus might not be in the same league as the Type-R, but it is a capable car on its own right.
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2017 Honda Civic vs Civic Sport Plus – Verdict

Both the 2017 Honda Civic and the Civic Sport Plus are capable cars, and both offer pretty good value for money. When compared against each other, however, the Civic Sport Plus simply feels like a bridge model between the entry-level Civic and the performance-tuned Type-R. Thus, while a capable car with its own set of attractive features and capabilities, the impending arrival of the Civic Type-R later this year puts a pretty significant damper on the appeal of the Civic Sport Plus.

It is hard not to be attracted to the 10th-generation Honda Civic. After years of being considered a fairly boring car, Honda has managed to release an aggressive-looking vehicle with the brand’s trademark reliability to back it up. Coupled with far better performance than its predecessor, the 2017 Honda Civic is a pretty solid buy. For buyers looking for real performance, however, it is very much advisable to simply wait a few more months for Honda to grace its showrooms with its true performance model, the Civic Type-R.

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