‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 854: Luffy, Sanji Reunite And Other Rescues [Spoil

Chapter 854 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece is expected to finally allow Luffy to reunite with his “nakama,” Black Leg Sanji. However, given the current circumstances on the Whole Cake Island, their reunion might be slightly delayed or perhaps even cancelled.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 853 spoilers and Chapter 854 speculations ahead]

Chapter 853 of One Piece finally allowed Luffy D. Monkey to become aware of Sanji’s condition. While he was going berserk on Big Mom’s soldiers, he was abruptly pulled in by Reiju. The Vismoke daughter explained to the Straw Hats captain that her brother and her Vinsmoke clan was betrayed by Big Mom. Although Reiju revealed Lady Pudding’s big plans to Luffy, the latter already knew about them.

Luffy is merely happy with the fact that Sanji is aware of Lady Pudding’s cruel intentions. Moreover, he is content with the fact that the chef did not go ahead and marry Big Mom’s daughter. Sanji had been head over heels in love with Lady Pudding, but the latter’s unbridled confession to Reiju had opened his eyes. Surprisingly, Sanji had managed to restrain himself and did not lash out at Pudding. Perhaps he was worried about Zeff, Baratie and the hostage situation on the East Blue.

In the previous chapter, Reiju tried to persuade Sanji to escape and revealed that she had swapped the explosive bracelets Big Mom had placed on the chef’s hands, with fakes. Coupled with the unusual calmness displayed by Sanji, it is quite likely that he will attempt to reunite with Luffy.

‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 854: Luffy Reunites With Sanji, While Carrot And Chopper Rescue Brook, Pedro And Reiju? [Spoilers]
[Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga/Shueisha]

The Straw Hats captain appeared concerned about the hostage situation orchestrated by Big Mom on the East Blue. However, in the previous chapter, Luffy was seen jumping from a window high up in the Whole Cake Chateau. Back when Sanji was attempting to get rid of Luffy, the latter had promised he would stay at the very spot they parted ways, and stay hungry until Sanji himself fed him. Hence, it is quite likely that Luffy will try his best to return to the spot and wait for his friend.

The ongoing Big Mom arc took a very sharp turn in favor of the Straw Hats gang with Jinbei’s entry. The second captain of Sun Pirates had rebelled against Big Mom to free Luffy and Nami. It is possible that the sharkman will continue to help the Straw Hats gang. However, it is not clear if the pirates will attempt to flee the Whole Cake Island or turn around and face Big Mom and her army.

The most vulnerable member of the Straw Hats gang is undeniably Brook. The skeletal member of Straw Hats gang is already in Big Mom’s beefy hands. Interestingly, the Yonko doesn’t plan to kill him. Moreover, the strange fact that he did not have the Road Poneglyphs on him when Big Mom’s soldiers search his belongings puts Brook in a non-life-threatening situation. Big Mom clearly wants to place Brook in her “Prisoner’s Library,” where she had entrapped thousands of exotic creatures. However, she is yet to discover the devastating news about the complete destruction of the library by Jinbei. While rescuing Luffy and Nami, Jinbei had set fire to the entire library, freeing all the creatures painstakingly collected by Charlotte Linlin.

‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 854: Luffy Reunites With Sanji, While Carrot And Chopper Rescue Brook, Pedro And Reiju? [Spoilers]
[Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga/Shueisha]

The most important members of the Straw Hats gang are undoubtedly Carrot and Chopper. The duo has managed to gain complete control over Brulee’s Magic Mirror World. Moreover, the world can only be controlled by someone who is in “physical contact” with Brulee. Coupled with Carrot’s portraits, these Straw Hats members can now move anywhere within the Whole Cake Chateau as well as anywhere on the island and pull in people. Incidentally, in the previous chapter, the duo successfully rescues Pedro, who was battling Baron Tamago.

Chapter 854 of One Piece manga is expected to be released this week. Mangaka Eiichiro Oda appears to be building the story for an explosive climax that might herald the end of Big Mom arc soon.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga/Shueisha]