Scott Disick Caught Cosy With Model After Spending Vacation With Kourtney

Scott Disick was seen getting romantic with a model after returning from his vacation with his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian thus causing a bit of confusion.

Scott and Kourtney have been on a rough patch and they had even broken up their long term relationship. However, there were reports that Scott was trying his best to get Kourtney to accept him back but she seemed unsure. However, the two were seen spending time together and even went on Holiday together thus sparking rumors that their relationship was finally back on track.


“They started a relationship very young and had three beautiful children,” Kris Jenner explained during one of her interviews.

Is it the end of Kourtney and Scott’s relationship?

The fact that Disick was spotted with another woman definitely raises questions about Khloe. Obviously, there is a high chance that it means he has finally thrown in the towel in trying to pursue the Kardashian sister. The father of three had accompanied Kourtney and their three children during the Kardashian family vacation in Costa Rica.

Scott Disick cosy up with a model
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Scott still admires Kourtney

Scott was seen admiring Kourtney’s derriere as she leaned back on some rail guards near a pool in one of the photos taken over the weekend during the Costa Rica getaway. In his defense, Kourtney looked very sexy and the way her booty was pressed on those rails was just tempting. It is no secret that Disick has been trying to salvage the relationship but the Kardashian sister seemed disinterested. The two dated for nine years and are proud parents to Mason, seven, Penelope, four, and Reign, two.

Despite having dated for so long, the two have never pushed through with any marriage plans. The fact that he was seen snuggling up with another woman probably means that he has finally given up pursuing Kourtney. However, he still sticks around because of the kids. The 36-year-old mother of three has been against Scott’s excessive partying. She almost did not let him tag along for the Costa Rica trip after hearing that he had been partying at the Sundance Film Festival.

Scott Disick cosy up with a model
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“Scott is still in the dog house from partying at Sundance,” an insider reported.

Scott has apparently been flirting with a brunette lady while drinking and Kourtney was not having it. Scott was spotted reclining at a poolside in Miami’s Setai Hotel after coming back from Costa Rica. However, he was not alone. The party boy was accompanied by model J Lynne who had snuggled up to the 33-year-old on a pool bed. Scott was clad in a pair of black shorts, aviator sunglasses and a black and had a cigarette on his hand while the model was clad in a bikini.


Prior to their poolside rest, the two had been spotted hugging each other while in the pool at they even got in a very scandalous position as the model wrapped her legs on Scott in the pool. At this point it was clear that Scott had started getting intimate with another woman, suggesting that he was no longer determined to save his relationship with Kourtney. Speaking of, the Kardashian sister probably snapped after seeing those photos of her man or in this case ex-boyfriend getting cozy with another woman.

It looks like Disick is not ready to put his partying days behind him, meaning he is not ready to yield to Kourtney’s demand. Unfortunately this most likely means that the two are probably not getting back together anytime soon. In the meantime, Kourtney has been busy taking care of the children and working on herself mainly through intense workouts. It is not clear whether Scott is dating the blonde model though it means things quite gloomy for Kourtney and Scott’s future together.

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