Style Guides Are Pondering Why Donald Trump Can’t Seem To Tie A Necktie

Running a country like the United States — and running it well — is a difficult job that few end up doing well, but tying a necktie is something most men at least can do capably by the time they get their first job out of undergrad. But Donald Trump, a man who seems to have worn a tie since puberty, can’t seem to master this basic of dressing and men’s fashion. Now we are not talking about fancy knots, we are talking about the basics of where a tie should hit in relation to your belt, and Trump is missing the mark. Fashion experts are saying it’s like Donald Trump is buying his ties from a big and tall shop, but he just isn’t that tall.

Donald Trump’s wife Melania is a former model, and if her attire at the inauguration is any indication, she is setting the Trump fashion and styling bar rather high. But husband Donald Trump needs some lessons from Melania’s glam team if he wants to look world class, says the Inquisitr. Melania was channeling Jackie Kennedy, while President Trump just looked like some guy who was there for her security. Even Barron Trump (likely dressed by his stylish mama) had his tie done correctly, so what is the problem?

Sources of men’s style and fashion like Esquire and GQ are now wondering out loud and in print: Why can’t Donald, who is rather wealthy and seemingly vain, get the necktie thing down right? Now, everyone has tried to make a traditional-length men’s tie work on a young boy, and you have to fudge the tying just a bit, but this is the president of the United States, a man who could have his ties custom made. Heck, he had a division of his company that literally made neckties, says Esquire.


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Esquire has been so troubled with Trump’s inability to get his tie to work that they dedicated two columns in one day to the tie trials of Donald Trump. Now many columnists have made a bit of crispy orange hay of many of Donald Trump’s aesthetic choices when it comes to personal style, but tying one’s tie is not a matter of opinion. Aside from your chosen knot, there is a right way to do it.

“Any man worth his Windsor knows that the end of the tie is supposed to hit right at the middle of your belt.”

But Trump’s tie, even at the inauguration, was hanging “a good three to four inches below his waistline. Definitely the type of territory to put him in danger of splashback or getting fabric caught in his fly.”

But even worse than the length of his tie, it’s that other thing he does with it that has the fashion mavens at Esquire having a hissy fit. Donald Trump has this little trick where he tapes his tie together using Scotch tape. They are wondering why any grown man would need to tape the back of his tie, and wouldn’t this be a hint that you are doing something wrong with your tie if the skinny end can’t reach the loop meant to secure it from flapping and flopping? Fashion columnists are trying to figure out why and when Scotch tape became part of daily dressing.

“Another potential tape purpose? It could be double-sided, and Trump could be using it to stick the back of the tie to his shirt. And why the hell would he do that, you ask again? Because he needs something to hold it in place. When you have seven feet of silk swinging from your neck, s**t’s gonna get floppy.”

Sam Dangremond, a web editor from Town & Country, has a few helpful fashion and style tips that could make the next four years go a bit smoother, at least when it comes to staying out of columns as a fashion don’t. He has mentioned that the length of the president’s ties is simply ridiculous, and he needs to learn the basics of conducting business in a well-made suit.

“I wrote last week about why Donald Trump needs to start buttoning his suit jacket, and just as important is that he begin paying attention to the length of his neckties.”

Experts in men’s fashion are all in agreement about the proper length of a man’s tie. These things don’t change with style or fashion. They are a constant. And it’s not a new thing, as photos of Donald Trump in a suit and tie show that Donald’s dangling tie has always hung too low. But why is he having this problem that other men seem to easily solve? Dangremond consulted an expert, Andy Tarshis, who runs an NYC business called Tiecrafters. He believes that Trump, who likes suits made by the company Brioni, also favors Brioni ties.

“Brioni ties are typically a little longer than other brands’ standard length. I just had a customer bring in some Brioni ties for cleaning, and this tie was around 59-60 inches. Most ties are 58-ish.”

For the record, Tiecrafters is able to shorten these ties easily, eliminating the problem (and the need for Scotch tape too). But another theory might be one that would truly tug at a vain man, and that’s looking even heavier than you are with a tie that rests on your paunch. Even Trump admitted that his doctor said that his weight put him in the “overweight” category, and a few extra pounds might push him into the obese range. So what does this have to do with tying your necktie? Everything, it seems.

“One fashion source I talked to said that the worst tie mistake a heavyset man can make is to have a tie that’s too short, ‘because if you have a big a stomach and the tie ends and it’s sort of laying on top of the stomach, it exaggerates the size of the waist.’ Trump’s tactic of tying his tie too long ensures he’ll never need to worry about it resting on his paunch.”

But no matter the reason, fashion experts agree it just looks silly, and that he doesn’t know better. They are trying to send a nice note, through the press, that he should just reach out, even to Melania, for a few tie-tying tips.

Do you think Donald Trump’s badly tied tie looks sloppy?

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