Ashley James Wears Nipple-Revealing Outfit At The ‘You Win Again’ Premiere

Ashley James tried to steal the show at the You Win Again premiere with her sheer outfit which did not disappoint as far as providing a nipple show was concerned.

Ashley showed up for the premiere event with a very interesting choice of style which included a sheer top that did a poor job covering up her boobs, a pair of jeans, and black boots. It was not the best outfit that she has ever rocked, though it did manage to raise some eyebrows specifically because her top was see-through and so was her bra, thus exposing her nipples. Check out an NSFW pic of her outfit here.

“Shout out to Blue Bella for making a bra so cute I had to show it off,” the 29-year-old lifestyle and fashion blogger wrote on Instagram before attending the premier event.

Ashley’s see-through top was a little over the top

Ashley’s choice of attire for the launch event was certainly very weird and she might have taken things too far. The top left very little to imagination and the bra which was also see-through completely flashed her nipples since they could easily be seen. She also chose an equally interesting pair of jeans which looked very retro but they also happened to be frayed at the bottom, thus spicing things up.

Ashley James nipple show
[Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

Still flaunting her beauty regardless of her choice of attire

Despite opting to go with a sheer outfit, Ashley James still showed off her incredible beauty. The former Made In Chelsea star chose to let her locks flow freely down her shoulders. She wore pink-colored lipstick that complemented the color of her skin so perfectly. The reality star also rocked a golden ring on the middle finger of her right hand. Unfortunately, her assets which were exposed by the sheer top made it really hard to divert attention to her other strong points regarding her beauty.

The You Win Again premiere was held in London and the British model clearly became the center of attention thanks to her see-through top. Perhaps Ashley chose the sheer top so that she could flaunt the progress that she has been making. Just a few days before the London event, she revealed that she had successfully shed some weight while attending a Moroccan bikini boot camp.

The 29-year-old shot into the spotlight in 2012 on Made In Chelsea though she left the show just a year down the line. However, the show brought her good fortune even after leaving because she ended up becoming very successful as a blogger mainly focusing on fashion and lifestyle. Her experience at the Moroccan boot camp might have been short but it was definitely grueling. She, however, managed to tough it out and also made sure that she kept her 76.7 million Instagram followers entertained and well updated about her progress.

Ashley James nipple show
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“Thanks @no1_bootcamp. If you’re looking for some motivation or a much-needed health kick I’d seriously recommend trying a boot camp. I’ll write a proper blog post soon about my trip. #fitness #motivation,” Ashley captioned one of her Instagram posts.

The boot camp seemed to have yielded significant results because the former reality star looked well-toned underneath the sheer dress. Ashley has not been in the public limelight of late although she recently appeared in a series of raunchy bikini photos that were part of the Morocco boot camp. The photos also accentuate her sexy curves and are definitely worth checking out and the intense workout sessions have clearly been doing her justice. In the meantime, Ashley made sure that she let her sheer outfit make a statement even as she shamelessly treated the audience to a nipple show.

[Featured Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]