Reviews Strongly Suggest You Don’t Snack While Watching Netflix Series ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ With Drew Barrymore

If you just look at stills of Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, playing a married, middle aged couple in Southern California, and thinking you are in for a few hours, bingeing a rom-com, guess again. Sure, Barrymore is playing Sheila, a suburban real estate agent in Santa Clarita Diet, who looks more like a real housewives candidate than Jeffrey Dahmer, but looks, even on Netflix, can be deceiving.

Netflix fans have perhaps gotten lured into the idea that the streaming service is home to highbrow shows like the series The Crown, about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, but it seems that there is something for everyone, including those who find cannibals darkly funny. The Crown, which has boosted Netflix to a new level of programming, with its new place at awards show tables, spent the most amount of money yet launching The Crown as an expensive five years of programming. But it’s a pretty good guess that Santa Clarita Diet and The Crown won’t be in the same awards show categories any time soon.


But take the warning courtesy of The Chicago Tribune seriously, my friends, because the diet in the Santa Clarita Diet is people, people, as in flesh and blood smoothies. The Tribune is suggesting that Santa Clarita Diet is a comedy, but with a twist, “entrails to be exact.”


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Maybe you are thinking that this is just another zombie show, but no, it’s more than that. Santa Clarita Diet is primarily a comedy, but a comedy about a suburban wife and real estate agent who really likes to eat dead human flesh. In a pinch, she makes a deal with a creepy mortician to get a foot from a dead guy, but she prefers to tear into a fresh kill, finger by finger. The word disconcerting is used often in describing the first episode, and most people would find the use of the word as dead-on.


But before you jump ship, Santa Clarita Diet is not Drew Barrymore in Scream, but perhaps closer to Dexter, if Dexter was funnier, with more blood. The Verge says that saying it’s a bit of a blood and guts show is a pretty close description. But what about the title, Santa Clarita Diet? The Verge thinks it’s a play on words, based on the actual protein heavy diet, The South Beach Diet, but the lean protein is not chicken or fish.

“Well literally the ‘diet’ refers to a diet of human flesh, because this is a zombie show. The main character is a zombie and human flesh is what zombies eat.”

But then there seems to be some discussion about the difference between a “zombie show” and a “cannibalism show,” and figuring out which one Santa Clarita Diet truly is. But regardless, it’s safe to say, if you are squeamish, regardless of the distinction, this isn’t the show for you, no matter how much you like Drew Barrymore. But if it’s important to know whether the emphasis is on zombie or cannibal, The Verge has a theory.

“To be perfectly honest I think those headlines are subtle efforts on the parts of social media managers to say something other than ‘zombie show’ because zombie show is an incredibly boring phrase at this point in human history. Enough already! To answer your question with another question — are all rectangles squares? All zombie shows are cannibalism shows but not all cannibalism shows are zombie shows.”


Are you interested in checking out Santa Clarita Diet with Drew Barrymore on Netflix?

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