Blake Shelton ‘Nervous’ About ‘Hookup’ Gwen Stefani’s Return To ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani initially delighted viewers of The Voice with their playful banter. But that teasing nature of Gwen’s and Blake’s relationship soon turned into romance, and fans of the couple have seen their romance blossom off-set for months. Now Stefani is scheduled to return to The Voice, and although she and Shelton can’t resist teasing their “hookup,” Blake has confessed that he’s feeling “nervous” about his sweetheart’s return.

Shelton, along with Adam Levine, has succeeded in surviving every season of The Voice, happily swinging around in his over-sized coach chair and yelling out insults for other coaches while praising his own contestants. But despite all that familiarity, Blake is admitting to experiencing some anxiety about having Gwen on The Voice with him amid their romance, reported EnStars.

Blake Shelton is used to working with Adam Levine on "The Voice," but admits he's "nervous" about Gwen Stefani's return.
Blake Shelton is used to working with Adam Levine on "The Voice," but admits he's "nervous" about Gwen Stefani's return. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Season 12 of The Voice will mark Shelton and Stefani’s first time interacting as coaches since their romance went public. And Blake isn’t the only one who’s feeling anxious about how their relationship will play out on television, he confessed.

“We were both nervous about it. [We wondered], ‘How is this going to work?'”

But beyond the stress of determining how to portray their romance on The Voice, Blake pointed out that his relationship with Gwen provides a way to give the show a new edge. How will the lovebirds handle the competition required between coaches?

“It brings a new level of competition to the show,” noted Shelton. “Just when you think 12 seasons in it kind of is what it is, it’s not anymore.”

Having their relationship become part of The Voice is “so exciting,” summed up Blake. And it’s also a chance to have some fun teasing Gwen about their romance.

With promotional clips already in the works for the upcoming 12th season of The Voice, which premieres February 27 on NBC, ET revealed that one clip shows coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, and Adam Levine dishing on what gives them inspiration.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani joke about their "hookup" on "The Voice."
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani joke about their "hookup" on "The Voice." [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

The Voice coaches also are already involved in the playful competition of the blind auditions. For Gwen, getting an artist hooked to the point of joining her team means using her musical success. And that success just happens to include recording “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” with Blake.

“I just did a country song with Blake Shelton,” boasted Stefani. “I got the hookup!”

Shelton couldn’t resist teasing her in return.

“That is so inappropriate to talk about us hooking up.”

As for how The Voice coach chemistry is between Alicia Keys and Gwen, Alicia shared that she feels having two female coaches is “really working.” Stefani agreed.

“I don’t feel like there’s any kind of boundaries,” Gwen noted. “So anything can go.”

There’s a major milestone ahead in Stefani’s romantic relationship with Shelton, and that’s their second Valentine’s Day as a couple. Blake reflected on what he’s planning to celebrate the day devoted to love.

“I’m one of those guys that’s always last minute, like, ‘Oh dammit. It’s here, it’s here!’ Get some flowers or something,” he confessed.

But even though Shelton described himself as “not good at planning surprises when it comes to Valentine’s Day,” Blake promised that he and Gwen would “definitely celebrate.”

With Blake’s and Gwen’s romance continuing to blossom and the two female coaches on The Voice appearing to have become pals, it seems as if The Voice‘s upcoming season should be upbeat. But behind the scenes, there are rumors of a “catfight brewing” between coaches Gwen and Alicia, according to Radar Online.

For season 12 of The Voice, Stefani is replacing Miley Cyrus. Although most of the crew and cast are reportedly enthusiastic about having Gwen return to The Voice, an insider told Radar that Keys had a close friendship with Miley. Consequently, Alicia allegedly is “not at all pleased about the switching of the divas,” according to the source.

“Alicia and Gwen have never really liked each other, and have been in competition for most of their lives.”

The insider claims that because Keys and Cyrus became “super close” last season on The Voice, Alicia “is desperately trying to give Gwen a hard time so she does not return next season.” However, both Stefani and her boyfriend Blake Shelton allegedly have taken action.

“Blake and Alicia have already had words about this,” said the source.

In addition, the insider claimed that Gwen has “already lodged complaints” with The Voice executives about Keys.

“Gwen knows that she has more pull that Alicia does, because she has a super solid relationship with all of the executives on the show,” added the source.

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