WWE Rumors: Nikki Bella Doesn’t Make The Draft, Does This Mean Less Ring Time And A Shocking Opponent?

With the latest WWE rumors surrounding all that’s set to happen on the biggest stage in the world; namely, WrestleMania, we’re left to wonder what is going on in the women’s division of the sport. And Nikki Bella, who made quite an impressive showing at the Royal Rumble this past weekend, is the subject of the vast majority of the latest WWE rumors. With all the talk of how she didn’t make the WWE draft, fans are left wondering if this means we’ll see less of one-half of the glorious Bella twins in the ring? And who will she face off against at WrestleMania?

According to the Lincoln Journal Star‘s latest round of WWE rumors, Nikki Bella was “devastated” to learn that she wouldn’t be part of the WWE draft. On the mid-season finale of Total Divas, she revealed that this setback was heartbreaking, especially as she’s now one step closer to being cleared to return to the ring after her neck injury. So, does this lack of inclusion in the draft mean that Nikki Bella won’t be fighting as much anymore; if at all?

That’s the suggestion from ComicBook.com, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest that Nikki Bella is going to have other things on her mind in the coming months. Namely, a proposal from her boyfriend, WWE World Champion John Cena!

Cena, whose 2009 marriage to Elizabeth Huberdeau ended in divorce in 2012, began dating Nikki Bella in November 2012, shortly after his divorced was finalized. The two have been serious since that time, but they only recently began discussing the possibility of marriage.

The outlet recently spoke to Nikki Bella and asked her what she would want in a proposal of marriage from Cena.

“You guys, John finally told me on our three-year anniversary that marriage doesn’t bother him, and he wants to marry me. The reason why he hasn’t asked is that he has to know deep down in my heart that I’m okay not being a mom. Just doing therapy and thinking about things, it was actually a month ago when I realized I want him next to me my whole life. I can’t live without him.”

This hasn’t stopped her wrestling opponents from taunting her with the possibility that despite Cena’s promises, he will never marry her.

Natalya, in particular, has delighted in telling Nikki Bella that Cena will never marry her and frequently screeches, “You will die alone!” when the two face off in the ring.

And, according to the latest WWE rumors from Wrestling, Inc., these taunts from Natalya suggest that she will be facing off against Nikki Bella on the WrestleMania stage.

We’ll recall that, on the last episode of SmackDown Live, Natalya taunted Nikki before she even set foot on the stage in Toledo, Ohio. When Nikki finally came out swinging, she beat the brakes off of Natalya. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer girl!

While speculation continues to run rampant about a potential Natalya-Nikki Bella WrestleMania face-off, Nikki’s almost-fiance John Cena will have another duty between now and then when hew hosts the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Good for you, John!

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