Kim And Kanye’s ‘Life And Death Moment’ Has Made Them Homebodies — KimYe Focused On Life, Less Bling And Drama

What a difference a few months make. A new celebrity news report says Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have turned a page in their marriage: They are getting back to “Kim and Kanye” and are focusing on living a low-keyed and drama-free life together.

Kim and Kanye are back — at least that’s what a source to ET reported. Kim has been doing quite a bit of reflection and understands it’s better to live a subdued lifestyle once she returns full throttle.

“Kim’s style has definitely turned more low key. During her time off, she wore less makeup, more comfortable clothing and spent less time on her hair, and that worked for her.

“This is overall how she feels. She’s not feeling like she wants to be as made up as she used to be. She’s re-prioritized everything.”

Kanye and Kim fully embrace the co-parenting of their children. What is more, Kim couldn’t have been more at peace while spending time with the kids during her recovery phase.

As the source adds, one telltale sign of Kim’s evolution is the pared down fashion choices. Often, Kim is very deliberate about what she wears in public; Kanye’s wife knows the public is spying on her every move and she is like a walking billboard.

Today, Kim is choosing comfort over fashion trendsetting. Reportedly, Kardashian is less concerned about material things and more about living a balanced life.

Meanwhile, Kanye is also reportedly looking after himself. Before his “breakdown” and subsequently forced hospitalization, Yeezy was living life on tilt. The 39-year-old rapper-turned-entrepreneur is pumping his brakes and following doctor’s orders. For the time being, Kanye is living within his means and understands there are physical and mental limitations.

“He’s been great. He’s been very quiet -– no Twitter rants or crazy Trump talk. He’s aware that breaking this good streak is something he could be susceptible to, so he is staying away from the biggest triggers, like no sleep and stress. That’s what brought him to that dark place at first.”

As for their social lives, Kim and Kanye are “homebodies,” as the source says, and are fine with this new chapter in their lives.

“They are not out on the town or partying. They spend most of their time at home, with the kids.”

As Inquisitr previously reported, Kim Kardashian and KUWTK family members jetted off to Costa Rica for a vacation recently. For Kim, the getaway was more therapeutic than anything. Kanye was absent, apparently “banned” by his wife; she was afraid they’d get into and argument and didn’t want to there.

Not only was the Central American destination a time to revive family bonds but also it was a cleansing moment for Kim. As sources reported, the 36-year-old mother of two — North and Saint West — was the victim of a scary robbery in Paris back in October.

There, she was allegedly gagged by a group of thieves before they made off with millions of dollars in jewelry. Kim stepped away from the public’s eye — going dark on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter — for a time. During Kim’s hiatus, rumors emerged that she and Kanye’s relationship was on the rocks; Yeezy experienced a health scare of his own after his wife’s robbery.

According to the French newspaper, Le Monde, 60-year-old Aomar Ait KIhedache, the ringleader of Kim’s robbery, is one of 10 suspects arrested recently in the hotel invasion. He admitted to the crime and said it was easy to pull off because Kim made herself a target by constantly bragging about her wealth on social media and revealing her whereabouts to the public.

People close to Kim and Kanye said this was the turning point in their lives. The couple took a close look at their lives and realized they had to do some housecleaning in their marriage and how they put themselves out there with reckless abandon.

The source added that KimYe is focused on raising their children and being responsible parents. Having experienced the traumatic events, so close together was a wake-up call.

One strong sign that Kim and Kanye are committed to their marriage, despite divorce rumors: the insider said they are both getting back to PDA.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]