Lala Kent Fires Back At ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast After They Claim She’s Dating A Married Man

Lala Kent is fighting back against Stassi Schroeder and the ongoing allegations regarding her secret relationship.

Following last night’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent took to Twitter, where she addressed the rumors claiming she has been involved in a romance with a married man and slammed her co-star, Stassi Schroeder, for “slut-shaming” her during Seasons 4 and 5 of the Bravo reality show.

“Y’all did slut shame me… From the second I walked onto the show… [You] had [zero] facts. Not one thing you said was 100% factual. That’s the part that hurt my feelings the most,” Lala Kent said in her January 30 statement. “It was a game of telephone and y’all took it and didn’t care what was actually real and what wasn’t. Shame on you. The disgusting human-beings are you people.”

Lala Kent has been facing rumors of a possibly inappropriate relationship with a married man since early on during Season 5. However, rather than reveal the identity of her man and silence the rumors, Kent has stayed quiet about who she is actually dating. Meanwhile, several reports have claimed her mystery guy is movie producer Randall Emmett, who is married to actress Ambyr Childers.

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At the end of last month, All About the Real Housewives shared a report with readers in which they revealed a few hints about Lala Kent’s possible relationship with Emmett. In addition to Kent having been seen with Emmett at a Los Angeles restaurant around this time last year, the outlet noted that Kent had previously shared a photo of her boyfriend, and her mystery man was sporting what seemed to be an identical bracelet to one seen in one of Emmett’s own photos.

Lala Kent was also recently rumored to have slept with a movie producer in an effort to land a role in an upcoming movie, and according to the site, Emmett just so happens to be listed in the credits of her film.

Although many feel that Lala Kent is involved in a relationship with Emmett, she’s insisted she is not dating a married man. Instead, she recently suggested that her mystery boyfriend was actually a professional athlete who didn’t want to jeopardize his endorsements by appearing on Vanderpump Rules.

Continuing on with her Twitter statement, Lala Kent asked her co-stars why she should have been honest with them about her relationship.

“Why would anyone want to be honest with any of you? Have you seen how you have treated each other?” she asked.

Then, turning her attention to Stassi Schroeder, Lala Kent noted, “You bailed on your best friend because you didn’t like the group. You punch your friend in the face because she slept with your man. But I’m supposed to be a saint to you all after none of you have been kind to me? You’re delusional.”

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Lala Kent hasn’t said much about her relationship, but she did claim weeks ago that her co-star, James Kennedy, had met her alleged athlete boyfriend. Last night, however, Kennedy told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that Kent’s boyfriend wasn’t an athlete but rather a “big Hollywood producer” as many have suspected. As for the man’s name, Kennedy was advised by Cohen against revealing the identity of Kent’s mystery boyfriend.

Lala Kent is surely not happy with the news of her friend’s comments on last night’s show, but so far, she has not released a statement about his claims.

To see more of Lala Kent and her co-stars, tune into Vanderpump Rules Season 5, which airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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