‘NCIS’ Star Pauley Perrette Rants About Celebrities Being Entitled To Their Opinions, Rages At Donald Trump And His Supporters

Many celebrities are ranting on Donald Trump’s immigration ban and now NCIS star, Pauley Perrette, is jumping on the bandwagon as well. She hopped on Twitter to rage against the president and his recent policy of banning refugees from seven different countries. She defended her fellow high-profile stars expressing their opinions, but that is not all she ranted about. She went on and on about her own celeb status and also what is going on in her personal life right now.

Perrette attended the SAG Awards on Sunday where many celebs took their turn to speak out against Trump’s plan to ban people from entering the United States from the countries of Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia. The outspoken actors and actresses, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Ashton Kutcher, took advantage of the stage that night to defend those affected by this recent presidential policy. After this event was over, the NCIS star gave her own opinion on social media about celebrities speaking up on this issue, as reported by Page Six.

This burning topic has caused so much outrage among Americans and the rest of the world, including Perrette. She tweeted that she realized that many people think that just because she and others in her industry have the kind of jobs that they do that they are not entitled to their opinions. That brought more comments from regular folks saying that they are getting tired of celebrities stating their opinions because they are out of touch with the real world. Those comments seemed to have outraged the actress.

NCIS star Pauley Perrette spoke out.
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“Out Of Touch Celebrities Opinions being shoved down my throat’ WHAT? You don’t know me! I’m overwhelmed with sorrow doing as much as I can.”

The NCIS star then launched into her reasons why she thinks it is ridiculous to think that way. She said that before she became an actor, she worked many odd jobs, including Taco Bell, and that she had opinions then as she does now. She stated that she is a human being like everyone else and that gives her every right to her opinions.


The 47-year-old star then admitted that her father, who shares the views of Republicans, is in the hospital and that she is extremely worried about him. It sounds like she is going through a very tough time right now as she stated in her social media posting.

“My (VERY REPUBLICAN) dad is in the ER and I’m terrified because I love him so much, politics doesn’t stop my daddy love, I’m his little kid scared to death right now. My dog is in intense surgery and rehab. And I’m scared. My boss Gary died suddenly and his memorial was today and I miss him and it sux. Three of my friends died this year. Does this seem like ‘CELEBRITY PROBLEMS?'”

Pauley Perrette has starred as Abby Sciuto on NCIS since the very beginning of the show and is not shy about speaking out on various issues, as EW has pointed out. She has had her struggles along the way, including an apparent attack by a homeless man last year. She revealed through her lengthy post that she does not live frivolously and in fact gives a lot of her money away to help others. She apparently does not live in a mansion, but has an old house and believes in simple living, despite having tons of money.

NCIS stars
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The NCIS actress may just be the exception to the rule. She mentioned the Trumps and the Kardashians in the same sentence when talking about how having loads of money can mean more than your soul. She then spewed her feelings on how her God would handle this situation.

“My loving God, who would NOT be building walls, pulling people off planes, judging and punishing. But SOMEONE wants to play God. But You’re not God. You are a power-hungry flawed, narcissist human who does not feel like we are all human.”

The conclusion to her post was directed at the Trump supporters who spoke out against her own opinions. She said that they were the ones who chose what she called an insane dictator who doesn’t care at all about them. She thinks that all he wants to do is to have the power to rule the world.

Her rant ended as she said that someone needs to have a heart and soul in all of this. So, there you have it. Pauley Perrette bared her own heart and soul and spoke out despite what others think about her celebrity status.

What are your thoughts on what the NCIS star said? Does she have a valid point or do you still think she is out of touch just because of her job?

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