Tamra Judge And Shannon Beador: ‘RHOC’ Stars Tease Housewife Shenanigans

Tamra Judge has been keeping a low profile since The Real Housewives of Orange County wrapped last year. During the season finale, Tamra gathered enough courage to confront Vicki Gunvalson over the things she had said about Judge and her husband, Eddie Judge. Vicki had been spreading rumors that Eddie may be gay and she had been hitting that David Beador was supposedly hitting and being violent with his wife, Shannon Beador. Rather than defend her co-stars in hopes of rebuilding their friendships, Vicki chose to spread the rumors and give them more fuel in the press. Needless to say, Tamra probably hasn’t seen Vicki since the reunion special wrapped in the fall.

According to a new Instagram post, Tamra Judge is now revealing that she is focusing on her fitness and her health. By browsing through her various Instagram posts, Judge has been working out and went in for an outpatient surgery to get patches of skin removed, as she had been diagnosed with a form of cancer. But when it comes to friendships, Tamra Judge is all about Shannon Beador these days, and the two headed to an appointment at the doctor’s office recently.

“Housewife shenanigans going down at Fitness Plastic Surgery when Nurse Nina leaves the room…..Shannon Beador takes over. should I be worried #DiamondFacial #RHOC,” Tamra Judge revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself hanging out with Shannon at the doctor’s office.

So it’s #friyay and I randomly decided to watch season 5 of #RHOC…can we all have faith that we get better with age. BC @TamraBarney did. pic.twitter.com/RKBDbD5Ehs

— Caitlin Samons (@CaitlinSamons) January 28, 2017

It sounds like Judge and Shannon have remained close friends since wrapping the previous season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and one can imagine that they only returned to the show because they were both going back. Just last week, Heather Dubrow announced that she was leaving the show because she wanted to do what was best for her family. Since filming the show, she has finished her new mansion, and many people were excited to see her new home. However, it sounds like Dubrow isn’t letting the cameras into her home for this upcoming season, as she is leaving the show behind.

“Can’t believe Fancy pants is leaving us! So sad, but glad you and Shannon r staying wish Vicki would leave hate her!” one person wrote to Tamra about Heather Dubrow’s decision to leave The Real Housewives of Orange County, sharing that this will definitely shake up the cast.

Meghan King Edmonds may also be leaving the show behind. Rumors surfaced last week that Meghan was leaving the show, but she never issued an official statement confirming the rumors. However, it sounds like some people are a bit disappointed in these ladies, as they have a massive platform. And not many of them have used it to get involved in the country’s political battle.

“A little disappointed you (or at least I’ve not seen) did not speak out for today’s march for life rally. You always speak of your Christianity, today you had an opportunity. Be a leader not Hollywood follower, don’t be afraid to disappoint your Hollywood connections,” one person wrote to Tamra Judge, expressing disappointment about not using her huge platform to get involved in the political situation happening in the country at the moment.

“Well the caps on so you should be good. No don’t let Shannon inject Botox into your face. Ever. Lol,” one person wrote to Tamra Judge, while another person added, “Is Shannon leaving (Please oh please)!!!?? We’ve heard about everyone but her, since Vicki is returning how would they even film together?…. anyone?”

What do you think of Tamra Judge’s comments that she’s still friends with Shannon Beador? Do you look forward to this upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County?

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]