‘Vampire Diaries’ News! Will Elena Get Stefan To Flip His Humanity Switch?

Just last week, actress Nina Dobrev confirmed her much-anticipated return to The Vampire Diaries. But now, as fans wait for the exciting finale of the eighth season (and the end of the show), other questions come to mind. And as usual, they are concerned about the “good” Salvatore, Stefan (Paul Wesley). With his humanity turned off, his ripper alter ego is causing a lot of problems, and viewers are asking who will help him turn it back on?

Episode 10 of The Vampire Diaries finds our favorite Mystic Falls vampires in a bit of a bind. While Stefan is perfectly content continuing his ripper lifestyle, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is done following Cade’s orders. Of course, this makes sense. Damon has always been a little bit against taking orders. We all know how that has turned out over the last seven seasons.

But the big concern is Stefan. His first round as a ripper occurred back in the 1920s when he kept a list of kills in his apartment closet and even met Klaus and Rebekah, two Originals. Of course, Klaus and Rebekah loved ripper Stefan, since, without his humanity, he is a true villain. It took a tough but dedicated fellow vampire to pull him out of it; Stefan’s best friend Alexia “Lexi” Branson (played by Gilmore Girls‘s Arielle Kebbel).

Hypable noted the heavy weight that humanity can be for vampires who have spent a considerable amount of time acting without it.

“Every time one of our vamps goes off the deep end and flips their humanity switch, it’s a struggle to bring them back to their real selves. In most cases, they don’t want to regain their humanity because that means they’ll have to face the guilt from all the terrible things they did during their little vacation from the emotional world. If anyone knows guilt, and would want to avoid it, it’s Stefan Salvatore.”

It’s true. Stefan, with his humanity, cares so much about everything and everyone. It is not an easy task to get him to flip the switch back on. Lexi has been dead and gone for quite a while now, and Stefan has not been able to rely on her for many seasons. Actually, since Lexi’s death, his savior was almost always Elena.

Back in Season 3, when Stefan was in full-on ripper mode doing Klaus’s bidding, Elena was his only hope. Who doesn’t remember Season 3, Episode 1, “The Birthday”? After a sad and disappointing birthday for Elena, we watch a lost Stefan steal a moment to call Elena, who tells him that he’ll “be okay” and that she loves him. Then in Episode 14 of the same season, Stefan watches from afar as a stunning Elena dances with Damon during the Originals’ ball.

So who will bring him back? Will it be Vampire Diaries favorite, Elena Gilbert? Will we have to wait for the finale before seeing a redeemed Stefan?

It is interesting to note that Elena is not the only saving grace for Stefan. Damon has always held a special place in his heart; often more than Damon knows. In the third season, Stefan saves Klaus not for Elena’s sake but to save Damon’s life in turn. Hollywood Life noted that even Caroline tried to get Stefan’s humanity back, but that in the end, she just isn’t enough.

“However, [Caroline] clearly really loved him; at the end, she locked him in the cell in the basement, and said that even if they didn’t work, she wanted him back, the real him. She’d do whatever it took, which was clearly, more of Damon than it was her.”

So who will it be? Damon or Elena? Or, maybe, neither? Leave your thoughts below!

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