Brittany Cartwright Defends Her Mom After She Interrogates Jax About Hookup Rumors On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Brittany Cartwright is speaking out over the backlash against her mom, Sherri Cartwright, in the aftermath of her boyfriend Jax Taylor’s birthday “roast” on Vanderpump Rules. After Mama Cartwright questioned Taylor about rumors that he had kissed a man before, she was slammed on social media by supporters of the LBGT community. Brittany, who joined the cast of the Bravo reality show after moving to Los Angeles to live with Jax, responded to a fan on Twitter who noted Jax’s “questionable” past but said Brittany’s mom seems “very closed minded when it comes to homosexuality.”

Brittany Cartwright defended her mom, writing, “She’s actually not at all. Just had questions about a few things and the kiss question was all they showed. She [loves] everyone just like me.”

In a subsequent tweet, Brittany wrote that both she and her mom love everyone and judge no one.

The viewer also asked Brittany what openly gay Bravo Host Andy Cohen would think about Sherri’s line of questioning. Cohen previously addressed Cartwright’s comments on last week’s Watch What Happens Live, admitting, “You find out that your daughter’s boyfriend has maybe done it with guys, you might be interested in that.”

Brittany Cartwright’s mom also found an unlikely supporter in Stassi Schroeder, Jax’s ex-girlfriend. Brittany and Stassi are on very friendly terms, but Schroeder went a step further by defending the Cartwrights on Twitter, writing, “Britt & her mom are HUGE #LGBTQ activists. Any mom would be concerned if she heard her daughter’s bf might not be into her.”

Sherri Cartwright replied to Stasis’s tweet to reiterate that she has love for everyone, regardless of their sexuality.

“I do not hate gay people.” Cartwright wrote. “I love everyone. I was only asking Jax things about the roast.”

Sherri Cartwright later apologized for offending anyone, tweeting, “I love all people. I’m not anyone’s judge. Again I apologize.”

While rumors have run rampant that Jax Taylor hooked up with men in his early days as a young model, he has long denied the stories. But Taylor has also made it clear he has no problem with it. One thing he does have a problem with? Organized religion. Unfortunately, Brittany Cartwright’s mom has had a bone to pick with him on that, too. Sherry Cartwright has been vocal about the fact that Jax and Brittany need to join a church near their Los Angeles home, but Jax recounted his experiences of going to church as a kid, noting that he didn’t like getting “water thrown at him.”

While some Vanderpump Rules viewers are slamming Sherri Cartwright and calling her homophobic, Taylor doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings towards her. When Cohen asked him about Cartwright on WWHL, Jax chalked things up to the fact that they had very different upbringings.

“I have to take into consideration where she’s brought up,” he said. “She’s in the Bible Belt in Kentucky, very different from how I grew up. So, I have to take that into consideration.”

Sherri Cartwright is an avid member of the Pentecostal church, and her daughter’s new life in L.A. is a far cry from what the close-knit clan is used to. In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Brittany said her family has come to terms with the fact that she is on a reality show.

“The first two episodes of this season they were all super upset, but I think they’re already getting over it,” Brittany said. “It was definitely hard for my family to watch, but they support me. They’re there for me, so they’ve got my back — no matter what…. I’m super close with my mom. My family is amazing. On my mom’s side, we all are next door neighbors.”

Take a look at the video below to see Brittany Cartwright and her mom at Jax Taylor’s birthday roast.

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