‘Bachelor’ Contestant Vanessa Grimaldi Leaks Major Spoiler About Nick’s Final Pick: Did She Prove ‘Reality Steve’ Right Or Wrong?

The Bachelor contestant Vanessa Grimaldi frequently shares Instagram stories with her followers, but she may have done a little oversharing in one of her most recent stories, perhaps underestimating the amount of sleuthing that fans do when they are trying to figure out who received Nick Viall’s final rose.

Did Vanessa, who has recently been spotted hanging out with contestants Danielle Maltby and Kristina Schulman, just give away the outcome of The Bachelor Season 21 final rose ceremony? Check out the photos below and see if you agree.

[Warning: The Bachelor season 21 spoilers ahead]

This weekend, Vanessa was active on both Snapchat and Instagram and the live stories on both social media sites were getting plenty of attention from Bachelor fans. And one fan in particular, Twitter user MrsZee (@nandazoum) was quick to screenshot not only Vanessa’s pics but a photo posted by the Bachelor himself, Nick Viall (see both photos below).

She quickly shared them on Twitter and now fans are wondering if Vanessa and Nick both revealed the outcome of the show by neglecting to cover up one tiny detail — a piece of furniture that appears to be the same in both pics.

According to her ABC bio, Vanessa is a 31-year-old special ed teacher who currently lives in Montreal, Canada. She frequently posts entertaining photos and videos on social media, so when she posted the photo of herself with the cute deer filter, most fans didn’t think much of it.

However, when the savvy fan mentioned above (Twitter user MrsZee) noticed that Grimaldi was sitting on an orange couch in her photo around the same time Viall was shown sitting on a very similar couch in his Instagram story, she immediately tagged blogger Reality Steve on Twitter with the photos below, tweeting “@RealitySteve orange couch #busted.”

Now, it may take a second look to notice the orange couch in Vanessa’s pic – it barely shows at the bottom of the photo. But in Nick’s Instagram photo, it’s clear that he is sitting on what appears to be a contemporary-style sofa of the same color — perhaps at a home that producers set up for the couple to spend some alone time?

Blogger Reality Steve didn’t have much to say about the photo other than, “Aaaaaaannnd that’s why couch colors are irrelevant to me, so it’s ok to stop with the DM’s and emails. Other wknds? Yes. This one? No.”

In fact, he seemed to brush it off, perhaps because he was enjoying his weekend and the photos say what Steve has been trying to tell his readers for weeks via his spoiler blog— Nick is engaged to Vanessa and they are still engaged.

Or at least for now because, according to People magazine, most relationships that are formed within the Bachelor franchise don’t last long after the finale airs on ABC.

So, it’s possible that Vanessa just confirmed that Reality Steve‘s spoilers are right, something that may convince the fans who have been trying to disprove his final rose prediction.

Not long after the tweets about Vanessa were posted on Twitter, Nick’s photo was removed from his Instagram story. However, it’s possible that it simply stopped showing because stories automatically delete after 24 hours. Perhaps he didn’t think fans would be looking for the tiniest detail to determine the winner.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the furniture pictured above isn’t the same, but it certainly has fans buzzing about the show even more than they already have been.

Could it be that two simple photos spoiled the end of The Bachelor, proving the often-contested spoilers right weeks before the March 13 season finale? If so, it looks like we may have a repeat performance from Kaitlyn’s season of the Bachelorette when she revealed a photo of herself in bed with Sean Booth before the finale aired.

The only difference? At that time, spoilers pointed to Kaitlyn walking away from the show single but that photo changed it all and ruined the outcome for fans who hate reading spoilers.

Do you think the orange couch photos prove that Vanessa is the final rose winner?

[Image by ABC Television Network]