Leah Messer’s Ex Jeremy Calvert A Racist? He Is The Latest ‘Teen Mom’ Star To Blame Producers And ‘Bad Editing’

Jeremy Calvert is lashing out against MTV yet again. Leah Messer’s ex just slammed the network after he came off as a bit racist in a new episode of Teen Mom 2. What did Calvert say in his latest vicious attack?

According to Radar Online, Calvert blames the editing team for making him look racist on Teen Mom 2. During the scene in question, Messer told Calvert about her plans to take their daughter — along with the twins she had with Corey Simms — on a trip to Mexico. In response, Calvert insulted Mexico and didn’t want Messer going with the kids.

“Leah is planning on taking the kids to Mexico,” he explained to Simms. “Not New Mexico, mother f*****g Mexico. I ain’t really too thrilled about that. I just don’t like Mexico.”

According to Calvert, MTV purposefully edited out the portion where he explained why he wasn’t keen on letting his daughter going south.

“MTV did not show the rest of the conversation in regards to the Mexico trip and the reason why I don’t want my child to go there,” he shared. “I’m not racist. MTV does some good editing!”

Calvert didn’t stop there. The reality star also bashed Simms for playing along with MTV’s version of the story.

“I was already informed a week and a half prior to us filming that scene that [Corey] was aware of the whole Mexico trip,” Calvert said. “Cleary, when I called on camera [Corey] was completely caught off guard by the Mexico trip. You can figure that out!”

Of course, Calvert has a history of calling out MTV for their bad editing. A week ago, Us Magazine reports that Calvert took issue with how the show portrayed a fight he had with Messer over a trip to Ohio.

Jeremy Calvert [Image by MTV]

As fans will recall, it appeared as though Calvert took his daughter, Adalynn, to Ohio without telling Messer of his plans. Calvert, however, claims that he actually texted Messer prior to leaving with Adalynn. For Leah Messer, the drama heated up because there were flash flood warnings in the area and she wasn’t sure where her daughter was.

“I am not waiting around 3 hours for my ex-wife to respond to me and say yes you can take our child to Ohio or not during a disaster,” he explained. “The phone conversation you all witness tonight were taken a week later when I was already in West Virginia. MTV, all they want to do is stir the pot and cause more drama that was unnecessary because we already hashed out the issue.”

Calvert continued, “They wanted to bring it back up to have some good drama for TV and get ratings through the roof.”

That being said, the Hollywood Gossip is reporting that Calvert didn’t reveal the real reasons why he didn’t want Messer to take his daughter to Mexico. He may not be racist, but he still didn’t clear up the issue.

Meanwhile, the International Business Times is reporting that Messer is having second thoughts about getting back into the dating world. Messer has been married twice and has children from two different fathers. When asked about getting married a third time, Messer wasn’t thrilled with the idea.

“I will never look for a man. Love will come in Gods timing,” she shared, adding that she’s “living in the moment” with her daughters.

The same can’t be said of Calvert, who is currently in a relationship with Brooke Wehr. Although Calvert and Wehr recently went through a rough patch, he assured fans that they are working through their problems.

Fans can watch the drama unfold between Leah Messer and both of her exes when new episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Monday night on MTV.

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