May 2, 2017
#BoycottStarbucks No. 1 Twitter Trend As Trump Supporters Vow To Boycott Starbucks, Coffee Fans Celebrate

President Donald Trump and his Muslim ban have caused Starbucks to get involved, resulting in a boycott of Starbucks by some supporters of Mr. Trump. As reported by BuzzFeed, the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, reported that Starbucks would hire 10,000 refugees during the next five years in more than 75 countries around the world where the company does business. The Starbucks CEO was critical of President Trump's immigration ban and announced the hiring of new Starbucks employees from among the refugees. As a result, Twitter reported their No. 1 trending term as #BoycottStarbucks on Monday, January 30.

However, Twitter also noted the term #supportStarbucks as a trending topic for those who still want to enjoy the offerings Starbucks has to offer, as well as for those who want to buy a bunch of Starbucks products in order to show they too are against Mr. Trump's immigration ban on Muslims. The hashtag #DrinkStarbucks is also another label being used to show support for Starbucks in the midst of the boycott.

Many people on Twitter are using the #BoycottStarbucks hashtag not only to tweet about their planned boycott of Starbucks but also to publish the fact that they plan to go out of their way to support Starbucks and Starbucks' mission to hire 10,000 refugees in coming years. After all, many folks are used to enjoying their daily or weekly Venti Skinny Cafe Mocha -- or whatever their favorite Starbucks drink might happen to be -- and don't plan on giving it up in order to support President Trump's Muslim ban. And coupled with new delicacies like egg white bites and the like, Starbucks continues to be a common and favorite eatery stop for lots of Starbucks fans.
Some people are turning to social media in order to post their photos of their Starbucks purchases to show their support for Starbucks, coupling their photos and words with the #boycottStarbucks hashtag to show that they will never boycott Starbucks. Meanwhile, other Starbucks fans are voicing their happiness over the fact that their local Starbucks location might not be as crowded as usual with all those folks boycotting the company.

Whereas certain individuals are joking that Starbucks cost too much anyway, and that they'll gladly boycott Starbucks, others are quipping that they will go out of their way to visit Starbucks on the way home -- even if they don't normally drink Starbucks coffee. Instead, they are vowing to buy hot chocolate or anything else from Starbucks just to show their support of Starbucks in the midst of the melee.

According to the trend graph on Trendolizer, the #boycottStarbucks hashtag has gotten 70,000 likes on Facebook -- and plenty more attention across social networks.

A portion of the comments being posted about the Starbucks boycott can be read below. A visit to Twitter's #boycottStarbucks hashtag reveals that plenty more people seem to be pledging their support of Starbucks during the boycott than those who are actually writing about boycotting Starbucks.

"All this madness almost makes me want to start drinking coffee. Guess I'll just get some Starbucks hot chocolate!"

"Thank you to for supporting the refugees with jobs to keep them stable during there tough time. "

Conrad: "Suddenly I really want Starbucks coffee. "

"Conservatives: Lib snowflakes will protest anything! Lame! ~Starbucks offer to hire 10,000 humans~ Conservatives: "

"I'm done. I will never drink from the white cup again! "

" in peace! How?! Well ppl decided to cause refugees in many countries might get a job there "

[Featured Image by Ron Sachs/Getty Images Pool]