Michael Jackson’s Former Doctor, Conrad Murray, Wants To Help Paris Solve The ‘Mystery’ Of Her Father’s ‘Murder’

Michael Jackson’s former doctor, Conrad Murray, has reportedly offered to help the late pop icon’s daughter, Paris, to solve the “mystery” of her father’s “murder.” The offer comes reportedly after Paris claimed shockingly in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that she believed her father’s death was due to a conspiracy.

According to Paris, Michael’s death was a “set up” because “a lot of people” wanted him dead.

Murray apparently agrees with Paris’ bombshell claims because he has reportedly reached out to Paris with an offer to assist her to “pursue the theory” that Michael was murdered under a conspiracy, according to a report by NY Daily News.

NY Daily News reports that a source close to Paris and the family said that Murray has been bragging to friends that he is very close to Michael Jackson’s children. He claims that he is “as close to a dad to Paris and Prince as Michael.”

The source said that Murray had made repeated efforts to meet Paris. But Paris and the rest of the family shunned him. But now he is convinced that he has an opportunity to get close to Paris after the revelation in the Rolling Stone interview that Paris believes that her dad was murdered.

“Conrad thinks this is his way back into the children,” the source said. “He wants to meet Paris to tell her that he will back her in any plans she has to get justice for Michael. He still believes that the children see him as a family friend and surrogate dad.”

But Paris has so far shunned the doctor who served two years in jail after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the late superstar, Michael Jackson, the source claimed.

Millions who followed Murray’s trial would likely be scratching their heads in the effort to make sense of his alleged offer to help Paris unravel the mystery behind her father’s death. This is because Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for administering a lethal dose of anesthesia on Michael in 2009.

The source insisted that Murray does not want to help Paris, he only wants to exploit the situation for self-promotion and to make money. And Paris is not fooled by the apparently altruistic gestures from Murray, the source said. The family holds Murray responsible for Michael’s premature death, according to the source

“Murray has been out for number one since day one of meeting Michael — nothing has changed. Paris sees right through him.”

“None of the family would welcome a meet with him, especially Paris,” the source continued. “They all hold him responsible for Michael’s death and have nothing but disdain for him.”

In her recent interview with Rolling Stone, Paris, 18, spoke on a wide range of issues, including her personal struggle with depression. She also spoke about allegations of child molestation against her father. She concluded that although she believed that Murray was responsible for getting her father hooked on Propofol, he might have been murdered as part of a larger conspiracy.

“It was a setup,” she told Rolling Stone. Paris claimed that her father had told her that some people were “out to get him.”

“He would drop hints about people being out to get him. And at some point he was like, ‘They’re gonna kill me one day.'”

Paris has reportedly suffered emotional problems since her father passed away. Radar Online reported that sources close to the family said that efforts were being made to convince Paris to return to a rehab facility due to fears that she might suffer a “a total breakdown that could destroy her.”

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