‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Support Repeal Of Affordable Care Act, Are They On The Road To Politics? [Report]

With this being the last season of Duck Dynasty — the hit reality show that all but helped make A&E one of the most popular networks on cable — fans have been wondering what was going to happen to the Duck Dynasty stars when the show finally went off the air. Now, recent reports suggest that we just may have the answer: they’re going into politics!

The first sign of this possible new career path for the Duck Dynasty stars came courtesy of Fox News, according to Refinery29. When Willie Robertson arrived to celebrate Donald Trump’s inauguration, he was listed as a “dignitary” by the cable news network.

And to further prove that Robertson is now considered a “dignitary,” a term which is used to denote someone’s political station, the cable news network included a quote from Robertson, who emphasized that he was pleased to be part of the “Trump train.” And while some followers of the cable news network questioned why Robertson, of all people, was considered a dignitary, most people were pleased with the classification.

And that’s not the only evidence of their suspected new career paths. According to The Advocate, Willie Robertson and other Duck Dynasty stars recently spent time with freshman Senator John Kennedy, a staunch Republican who the Robertsons helped get elected.

That needs to be clarified, of course, in case anyone gets this John Kennedy confused with the original John Kennedy.

“Kennedy, a Republican who was elected to the Senate in December, has known the family, whose initial claim to fame came about because of Duck Commander duck calls, for some time. The family was supportive of his candidacy during his runoff against Democrat Foster Campbell. Willie Robertson in 2015 served as the special guest when ESPN’s College Gameday aired from LSU’s campus. A vocal Trump supporter, he also spoke on the opening day of the Republican National Convention.”

And, with the continued ascent of Donald Trump into power, and Trump’s increasing political rewarding of those who supported him on the campaign trail, there’s even more evidence that the Duck Dynasty stars will get some sort of political privileges. According to The Town Talk, Willie Robertson is in favor of Trump’s desire to repeal Obamacare, better known as the Affordable Care Act.

“I never doubted him. It looks like he’s going after abortion, which is a big deal for our family. He’s opening up the pipelines and I’m confident we’ll see (the Affordable Care Act) repealed. Now I’m anxious to see who he’ll appoint to the Supreme Court.”

Robertson went on to say that he felt that Donald Trump was “an important part of history” and that he was pleased that he helped instill him into office.

What do you think of the fact that Duck Dynasty stars will potentially have some political influence? Do you think this is a good career move for them, now that their show is going off the air?

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[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]