Julianne Moore Takes Part In Guinness World Record Attempt, And Why Eddie Redmayne Says She Is ‘Amazing’

Julianne Moore and 165 other people are working together to break the Guinness World Record for the most individual voices featured in a single audiobook, according to Time magazine.

The Hannibal actress, along with other A-list celebrities, including Ben Stiller, Susan Sarandon, Don Cheadle, and Nick Offerman, has lent her voice to narrate Lincoln in the Bardo, a new novel written by acclaimed short story writer George Saunders. The book and audiobook are both slated for release on February 14, with Julianne Moore lending her voice to the character of Jane Ellis.

Julianne Moore has over three decades of acting experience under her belt and is considered a veteran actress. After spending more than 30 years in show business, the Hannibal actress is showing no signs of slowing down and will soon feature in three upcoming movies; Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Suburbicon, and Wonderstruck.

Julianne Moore’s versatility will once again be on display as the actress will be portraying diverse characters in all three films. After playing a criminal mastermind in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Julianne Moore will take on a much more serious role in the dramatic film, Wonderstruck, and will then go on to feature in Suburbicon, a mystery movie that has elements of comedy, which was directed by George Clooney. With all three films to be released this year, fans of the Hannibal actress will have plenty of opportunities to see their favorite actress on the big screen.

Like many Hollywood stars, Julianne Moore came from humble beginnings and had worked her way to the top. Starting her career by working on television programs like The Edge of the Night and As The World Turns, the actress later appeared in CBS’s Manhattan, before getting the opportunity to feature in television movies like Murder, The Last To Go, and Cast a Deadly Spell.

Despite a range of television roles, Julianne Moore only gained prominence when her work in 90s films, including Shortcuts and Vanya on 42nd Street, was critically acclaimed. Moore was finally able to establish herself as a well-known Hollywood actress when she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Boogie Nights.

The 56-year-old actress continued to achieve success by working in films like The Big Lebowski, The End of the Affair, and Magnolia, and her true recognition came when she got the opportunity to reprise Jodie Foster’s original role of Clarice Starling opposite Anthony Hopkins in Hannibal, the 2001 movie directed by Ridley Scott. In 2015, Julianne Moore won the Academy Award in the Best Actress category for her role in Still Alice.

Even though she is a veteran actress of great caliber, Julianne Moore is known for being friendly, approachable, and down to earth, especially with her young co-stars. Recently, Eddie Redmayne, the winner of 2015 Academy Award in the Best Actor category, spoke highly about Julianne Moore who was his co-star in the film Savage Grace.

Savage Grace was based on a real-life incident, and it revolved around the relationship of socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland and her gay son. Julianne Moore played the role of the mother with Eddie Redmayne playing her son, who ultimately murders her. Savage Grace was released in 2007 when Redmayne had yet to rise to prominence, and the Hannibal star was already an illustrious actress.

Even though he was a young, relatively inexperienced actor at the time, Redmayne found that he felt very comfortable while acting alongside Julianne Moore due to her friendliness and sense of humor.

According to People, the Danish Girl actor credited Moore for establishing strong bonds with her fellow actors during the filming of Savage Grace.

“What’s amazing about Julianne is she is so funny and so she’s not one of those actors that like takes themselves into a room and gets into a zone. She’s like talking to you.”

Julianne Moore is as friendly with her children as she is with her peers. According to the Huffington Post, while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress revealed that she uses Snapchat to keep in touch with her teenage children.

With her 18-year-old son Caleb, a freshman in college, Julianne Moore said that she needed to find a way to “try and insert yourself into their life any way you can,” and she chose Snapchat.

“My son refuses to engage in a streak with me. It’s hard, as you know, to get teenagers to do anything with you.”

The actress’s 14-year-old daughter Liv is still in high school, and Harper’s Bazaar noted that she bears a striking resemblance to her celebrity mother.

Photos taken of the mother-daughter duo sitting courtside at a Knicks game on Christmas Day show that the teenager has inherited her mother’s hair, friendly smile, and even similar facial characteristics.

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