WWE News: WWE SmackDown Live Star Randy Orton Possibly Winning The Royal Rumble Match?

WWE SmackDown Live star Randy Orton has been very different since his return compared to the vicious viper we knew him as before, but could Orton be going back to the wrestler we knew him as before by winning the Royal Rumble? We know by now that one of the deepest storylines WWE has been pushing is that of the Wyatt Family on WWE SmackDown Live. At one point Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt were rivals and then randomly Orton joined the family.

It seemed odd that we would see Randy Orton return to the WWE only to then take a backseat to Bray Wyatt as a member of the Wyatt Family, but that is exactly what occurred. Orton barely even worked against them before this, which made many believe he would turn on Wyatt soon into the pairing. Not only did this not happen, but he and Bray went on to win the WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship. No one saw it coming, which was kind of refreshing.

Now, what seems to be happening is Luke Harper becoming jealous of the relationship that Bray Wyatt has with Randy Orton, which has resulted in him making careless mistakes. The major one being that he cost them the tag titles, and he would eventually cost the team again. It seems that Randy’s plan all along has been to put a wedge between Bray and Harper so that he has no one around when Orton wants to strike against him.

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WWE could be setting all of this up soon. According to The Wrestling Observer, there have been rumors going on backstage that spoke of Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble this Sunday. The report goes on to say that WWE has plans to put the WWE Championship on Bray Wyatt this year, for the first time. Due to how unpredictable this entire Royal Rumble is for the WWE this year, nothing can be considered a lock at this point as WWE could always change direction like they seem to be doing a lot right now for WrestleMania 33’s card.

WWE has had plans to put a world title on Bray Wyatt in the past, but it never ended up happening. In fact, he has never even had the chance to challenge for it in the years he’s been on the main roster. It seems very odd that WWE would never allow this, but due to not doing so we know that Wyatt has never failed in his run to the title either.

Regardless, seeing Randy Orton win the Royal Rumble would be interesting to see. He has won one in the past, which resulted in his participation in WrestleMania 25 in a lackluster match with Triple H. Sadly the two had to follow the amazing Shawn Michaels vs. the Undertaker match, so it was a no-win situation. Could he main event WrestleMania again with a win? It would make sense that he would get the spot if he won the Rumble.

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It has been pushed heavily that whomever wins the Rumble match would go on to face a World Champion in the main event that would headline WrestleMania 33. Regardless of who wins, it must be the last match. It would be terrific for Bray Wyatt to get a main event spot against Randy Orton, as the two would surely have an interesting match. However, this match could happen anywhere on the card without a title involved even still.

All of this being said, this Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton rivalry does not need the WWE Championship when it can happen organically without it. For others to happen, you need a championship to be involved for it to make sense. Rumors of John Cena vs. Samoa Joe are running rampant, and that certainly needs a world title to make sense due to the fact that John has gone crazy over the title and would have no problem defending it if he indeed does walk into WrestleMania with it.

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