Nina Dobrev Returns: Is ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star’s Return A Bad Thing?

It’s official, as of yesterday: Nina Dobrev returns to television for The Vampire Diaries’ series finale! The announcement was made yesterday on Nina’s Instagram, and was subsequently confirmed by the showrunners and the executive producer. But the question remains, when Nina Dobrev returns to The Vampire Diaries, how will the show handle her character? Remember: when last we left Elena — or, rather, when last Elena left us — she was in a “deep sleep” to save another’s life.

Seventeen Magazine was the first to speculate on what could possibly happen when Nina Dobrev returns to The Vampire Diaries. They are of the belief that Bonnie’s life is in danger now that Elena has returned, and this is something that will definitely play out on March 10.

“In the season six finale, Elena sacrificed herself to save her bestie Bonnie and was forced into a deep sleep as a result. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how Elena is brought back to the show considering that she can’t wake up until Bonnie dies (as far as we know). So if Elena is back, does that mean Bonnie is in danger?!”

Hypable, however, has a different take on what’s going to happen when Dobrev returns to The Vampire Diaries. They are under the impression that the hit CW show is playing the “nostalgia” card entirely too much, and Dobrev’s return could, ultimately, backfire on the series finale.

While, surely, there are plenty of fans who disagree with this idea, Hypable certainly provides readers with something to think about.

“It’s nice to step back into some of our favorite moments, but when is enough, enough? I miss Elena as much as the next person, but I don’t need to keep reliving the same few scenes, just because she’s in them. The problem with all of this nostalgia-for-nostalgia’s-sake, is that with only seven episodes left in the series, we just don’t have time for it. Damon’s storyline has been so messed up to include as many Delena flashbacks as possible that I truly have no idea what’s going on with him.”

But any criticism about The Vampire Diaries when Nina Dobrev returns is, of course, all for naught, according to The Hollywood Gossip, because fans will finally get the resolution between Elena and Damon that they’ve been desperate for for more than a season.

Many fans, in fact, believe that they will finally get the “endgame” they’ve been waiting for in the series finale, which — according to the leaked script cover — is titled “I Was Feeling Epic.”

“Despite the absence of Dobrev for over a season now, however, the presence of Elena remains an ongoing series storyline. She has often been referenced, most notably in relation to Ian Somerhalder’s Damon and whether he deserves to spend all of eternity with the love of his life.”

Nina Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries at the conclusion of the sixth season, and according to representatives for both the show and the actress, she left on good terms. She left to pursue “other opportunities,” but she hasn’t been able to replicate the success she’d had with The Vampire Diaries.

Do you think that Nina’s return to The Vampire Diaries will be a good thing? Do you think fans will get the endgame they’ve been waiting for? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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