How Kate Winslet Lands The Same Roles In Her 40s As She Did In Her 20s

Kate Winslet has once again proved that women in their 40s can be even more beautiful than in their 20s, according to Foods 4 Better Health. The 41-year-old Titanic star looked the epitome of beauty and style at the premiere of her friend's new yoga video.

Kate Winslet delivered her third child into this world at 38-years-old, and at 41-years-old, she looks as stunning as ever. The actress keeps debunking myths that women over the age of 40 who have gone through multiple pregnancies can't look good.

On the contrary, Kate Winslet at 41-years-old looks better than many young women in their 20s! The Titanic star recently showed up at the premiere of her pal and yoga instructor, Niki Perry, who presented her new yoga video.

For the event, Kate Winslet opted for a fabulous fitted black, knee-length dress that showed off her beautiful curves and stunning legs. Just recently, the actress finished filming scenes for the latest Woody Allen film.

And while there are very few details about the upcoming film and even no title, it was reported that Kate Winslet would star alongside Justin Timberlake and Juno Temple in the as-yet-untitled Allen project.

There are, however, rumors that Kate Winslet is starring as a waitress who is on the run. She then ends up at an amusement park in Coney Island. In one of her recent interviews, Winslet said her age is not affecting what roles she lands, and that's certainly true. Kate Winslet still lands the same kind of roles that she would have been cast in 15 years ago. Winslet attributes her beauty and stunning figure to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kate Winslet has previously admitted to sticking to a portion-controlled diet, as well as attending yoga and Pilates classes. The actress also said that it was the Facial Analysis Diet that helped her lose 50 pounds.

The Facial Analysis Diet involves a dietician studying a person's face and creating an individualized diet based on that person's deficiencies and excesses. Kate Winslet has also admitted that she avoids eating processed foods and bread.

What also allows Kate Winslet to maintain such a slim and beautiful body is the fact that she cooks at home and comes up with healthy meals on her own. As for her exercise routine, on top of yoga and Pilates classes, the 41-year-old actress also does lots of cardio, both on the treadmill and outside.

However, Kate Winslet also mentioned that she believes in the power of cheating every once in a while. The actress says that it's all about eating in moderation, so occasionally having a piece of cake won't do any harm.

Kate Winslet is also not a fan of fad diets. The actress believes it's best to eat foods full of nutrients in balance without having to deprive herself. She is also a strong advocate for staying hydrated.

Thanks to her stunning body even during pregnancy, Kate Winslet made headlines when she was featured in Spanx founder Sara Blakely's The Belly Art Project, according to People magazine.

The idea of the project was to show pregnant bellies made into works of art. In her interview with People, Blakely admitted that she came up with the idea for the project when she was pregnant with her first son.
"Kate Winslet was the first one to say she wanted to be in the book — that was a moment where I thought, 'Oh my God, someone this amazing and well respected for being one of the best actors of our time wants to do it!'"
Besides Kate Winslet, such famous celebrities as Alyssa Milano, Coco Rocha, Molly Sims, and Savannah Guthrie were also featured in the photo book.

In other news, The Sun reported that 2,000 British adults were asked to rank the top movie kisses of all time, and Kate Winslet's steamy kiss with Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio was voted the best movie kiss.

Second place was a surprise for many with Disney's animated classic Lady and the Tramp taking the honors. Demi Moore and the late Patrick Swayze's afterlife smooch on Ghost was in third place.

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