Kristen Bell: Dax Shepard Told Ellen DeGeneres That He Helped Kristen Meet Her Celebrity Crush

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard may be one of the cutest celebrity couples in existence. Kristen and Dax were guests on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday. While talking to Ellen, Dax confessed that he doesn’t mind Kristen’s celebrity crushes. As a matter of fact, the pair talked about how he played wingman to help Kristen meet the one man she calls “so beautiful.”

Apparently, Bell has a thing for Indian men, and specifically, she has been crushing on The Night Of’s Riz Ahmed. “I find Indian men irresistible,” Kristen told Ellen. “He’s so beautiful.”

That admission didn’t bother Dax Shepard at all. It turns out, Kristen and Dax found themselves in the same room as Riz at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Rather than steer his wife toward the door and away from her celebrity crush, Shepard said he played wingman and helped Kristen meet the man she has been crushing on.

“I saw him first and I thought she might be too shy to go up to him, so I’m going to break the ice,” Dax told Ellen. “I said to him, ‘Hey, my wife has a crush on you. I would love to introduce you to her.'”

Apparently, Kristen Bell was not shy at all when facing Riz Ahmed because she walked right up and told Ahmed just how much she likes him.

“I find you very attractive,” Bell recalled that she told Ahmed.

It turns out that Riz Ahmed was probably more nervous to learn about Kristen Bell’s obsession and Dax Shepard’s approval of it. The Hollywood “it” couple explained to Ellen that Riz looked awkwardly at Dax to make sure nothing crazy was going to happen upon learning that Kristen was crushing on him.

Dax elaborated on Kristen’s crush on Indian men, going even further and calling it a fetish. But he said that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable with his wife’s preference because he gets mistaken for an Indian man all of the time.

As Kristen gushed about how much she admires and is attracted to Ahmed, Dax chimed in to add, “He has beautiful skin, just beautiful.”

It turns out that Dax has a celebrity crush too and it happens to be Brad Pitt. It might be pretty interesting if Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard approach Brad with the admission that Dax has been crushing on him.

In addition to Kristen Bell’s celebrity crush, she and Dax chatted with Ellen about just how dedicated she was to breastfeeding their children while Dax chimed in about how she would feed the baby wherever they were and no matter who was watching.

The conversation started when Ellen asked about Kristen’s Golden Globe Awards dress that had a very low-plunging neckline. Kristen explained that she made sure that no nip splits would happen by doubling up the double-sided tape, making it “quatra-stick tape.”

The explanation of how Kristen managed to keep her girls in her shirt evolved into the breastfeeding conversation as she and Dax explained that she’s really not worried about who sees them anymore. Kristen said that if she had more going on in the chest area, she might have been more worried.

“I didn’t really know that it was happening when it was happening,” Dax said about whether Kristen had a nip slip or not “She started breastfeeding our children three and a half years ago in front of almost exclusively my dude friends, I feel like.”

“The baby was always hungry when my guy pals would come over. You just get over it real quick and it becomes like white noise. They might have been out. I don’t know. I can’t say for sure when they’re out and when they’re not out.”

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard certainly are interesting and it’s a good thing they can be so open about who they’re crushing on without it crushing their relationship. Be sure to check out the clip from the Ellen DeGeneres Show and let us know what you think of Kristen’s celebrity crush Riz Ahmed in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]