‘The Vampire Diaries’ Episode 405: ‘The Killer’ Recap

In The Vampire Diaries 405, “The Killer,” Connor the Vampire Hunter isn’t the only one with murders weighing on his conscience.

At the beginning, Connor returns to his mobile home with the head of a werewolf to extract its venom. Spliced into this is a conversation between him and Professor Shane. They are coordinating efforts to discover the cure for vampirism.

Turns out it was the Shane who tipped Connor off to Mystic Falls so that his hunter tattoo could be completed, which will lead them to the cure. Shane asks Connor if he will make sure that Bonnie is safe while he clears out the town, but Connor can’t make any promises. He then surprises Jeremy at the Mystic Grill and disappears with him, leaving Matt to wonder where he is and why he isn’t a work.

Elena and Stefan are both writing in their diaries, sharing their fears about Elena becoming a vampire. Stefan’s thoughts are interrupted by a text from Klaus. He calls him, and Klaus informs him that Connor has escaped with the werewolf head.

Because he is in Europe looking for Alexander’s sword, he is not there to save any of them if Connor uses the werewolf venom against them. Klaus decides to lend a hand from far away by sending his hybrids in to help them. This angers Hayley and Tyler back in Mystic Falls. And seeing these two be so close, Caroline wrestles with feelings of jealousy.

Vampire Diaries Episode 405 "The Killer"

April shows up at the grill looking for Rebekah, telling Matt that she has disappeared. Before they can figure out where she is Connor appears holding Jeremy hostage. Connor’s plan is to keep the three of them hostage and use them as bait to get as many vampires as possible to the Grill. Can the vampires of Mystic Falls rescue their human friends without being killed in the process?

Vampire Diaries Episode 405 "The Killer"

What did you think of tonight’s The Vampire Diaries 405, “The Killer”? Do you think Elena will be able to come to terms with her actions tonight?

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