Chris And Jacqueline Laurita: ‘RHONJ’ Stars Now Skipping Out On Legal Bills?

Jacqueline Laurita seems to love talking about other people’s financial problems, as she has been very vocal about Teresa Giudice’s legal problems, personal bankruptcy and even her stint in jail. However, it sounds like Laurita may be the topic of discussion on The Real Housewives of New Jersey this upcoming season, as she is being accused of skipping out on her legal bills. And it sounds like her law firm is now dropping her.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jacqueline Laurita is now being accused of skipping out on legal bills, simply because she doesn’t have the funds to pay for the legal representation she’s been using for herself and her husband. Apparently, Jacqueline and her husband owe upwards of $290,000 in legal fees to a small firm called Seidman & Pincus. The law firm is now forced to drop them as clients, according to United States Bankruptcy Court documents, as reported by Radar Online.

“It would present an undue hardship on the firm to continue its representation without adequate and regular compensation,” a spokesperson for the company, sharing that they will be unable to continue with them as clients unless they get paid the outstanding funds.

“Seidman & Pincus is a small firm, consisting of only three or four attorneys dedicated to the practice of law on a full-time basis, two to three of which attorneys devoted time to this matter,” the documents reveal, adding, “Given the foregoing, an ever growing receivable…in excess of $290,000 simply cannot be sustained without causing a serious strain on the firm’s cash flow and ability to operate in the best interests of its clients.”‘

Apparently, their previous lawyer had left Jacqueline Laurita and Chris behind because they weren’t able to pay. In the document, it says that Jacqueline and her husband are either unwilling or unable to pay the bill. But interestingly, the courts are now using social media posts to back up their case against the couple, as they have been sharing pictures of remodeling their home. Even though Jacqueline has opened up about previous financial troubles, it sounds like she hasn’t been completely honest.

Their current lawyers believe that Laurita and her husband are only saying that they can’t pay their lawyers so they can delay the bills and the funds for as long as possible. It’s no secret that Jacqueline Laurita has struggled with money after learning that her son was diagnosed with autism. She opened up about these struggles on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And while Laurita was very inquisitive about Teresa Giudice’s legal problems, she never really talked about her own, including that they once owed $340,000 in state taxes.

“The last two years have been challenging for Chris and I financially, because it takes time to build a new business and profit from it, especially in order to continue living the lifestyle we’ve been accustomed to living while meeting all of our financial obligations,” Jacqueline Laurita revealed while she was filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to Radar Online, adding, “After my husband lost his company during that rough economy, it took some time for the decrease in income to catch up to us. We were also not prepared for the cost of raising a child with special needs. No matter what financial challenges and obligations we’ve faced, Nicholas’ needs have always been a huge top priority for us, and we’ve done everything we can to not disrupt his routine.”

What do you think of Jacqueline Laurita and her husband not being able to pay their lawyers? Do you think they need to rethink their financial situation?

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