Why One Direction’s Liam Payne Did Not Take Cheryl Cole To LA

Many One Direction fans were very puzzled when Liam Payne took a flight from London to LA. Why isn’t he bringing Cheryl Cole with him? The two have been cozy and close throughout the holidays. Why would Liam leave Cheryl now?

The One Direction hunk looks lonely in his recent video according to Birmingham Mail. In the video, the handsome One Direction singer is explaining about recording his new solo album from a studio that seems to have purple walls and purple lighting. See Liam’s video below.

Cheryl Cole is at Liam Payne’s elegant home in Surrey, where the couple resides together now. Cheryl’s mother and brother frequently stay with her there when Liam is away according to Celebs Now.

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole, as everyone has guessed by now, are expecting a baby. Ms. Cole is rather obviously nearing the time of delivery. Since Payne and Cole have not announced the pregnancy, no one knows the due date, but from the looks of things, there should be a new One Direction baby at least by the end of March.


One Direction’s Liam Payne is working on his solo album in LA, but Cheryl Cole isn’t about to leave Liam Payne’s home in Surrey. Why? Because Cheryl is apparently well into her third trimester.

Women more than 36 weeks pregnant are not usually allowed to fly, either by their doctors or by the airlines. Most major commercial airlines require a form from a doctor giving clearance, before allowing a pregnant woman in her third trimester to fly according to Baby Center.

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne [Image by KCG – 305 Star Max 2/AP Images]

As much as Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole want to be together, the One Direction superstar has to work on his solo album halfway around the world from his home in Surrey, and Cheryl cannot fly in her condition. Even if she isn’t that far along now, she could be, before Payne completes his album. Cheryl wants to have her baby in the UK.

Cheryl Cole is no doubt seeing an obstetrician in England. It wouldn’t be wise for the One Direction mommy to be to leave in her third trimester, risk flying and then have her baby delivered by another doctor.

Cheryl Cole is very close to her mother, Joan and her brother Garry. She wants her family around her, and in the last month of pregnancy, it isn’t too unusual for a woman to feel nervous about being left alone. Payne and Cole have the nursery set up in their house in Surrey and the 1D couple is nesting there.

Liam Payne of One Direction [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Liam Payne probably understands all that and he is certain to be ready at a moment’s notice to catch a flight back to London. Still, the One Direction star does have work to do, and Cheryl Cole has an estimated month or two before her due date.


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It may be Cheryl Cole who should be concerned for Liam Payne though. the One Direction megastar was at the Peppermint Club at the time of a shooting according to the Mirror. The shots were fired in the parking lot, while Payne was safely inside. The shooter was disgruntled after being turned away at the door with a fake ID. There were no reports of injuries.

One Direction’s Liam Payne has been working on his new album for some time now, so hopefully, he can complete it and return safely to Cheryl Cole soon.

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