Kyle Richards Questions Eden Sassoon’s Sobriety In Defense Of Kim Richards?

Kyle Richards didn’t realize that her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars would be so vocal about Kim Richards’ sobriety on this season of the show. Over the past year, Kim has been focusing on her family, including her daughter Brooke, who just became a mother for the first time. In other words, Kim is now a grandmother, and this may have encouraged her to stay sober. It’s no secret that Richards relapsed a few years ago as she struggled with public criticism, the loss of her ex-husband Monty to cancer, and a strained relationship with her sister, Kyle. But now, Richards is fighting back over how Kim is being portrayed on this season of the show, especially by the new housewife, Eden Sassoon.

According to a new Bravo report, Kyle Richards pointed to Eden’s own experiences with sobriety and addiction. During the first couple of episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Eden was featured, she opened up about how her sister had died from an overdose. But she also explained that her sister had worked with Kim on a movie, and they had often been drinking on set. And she hinted that this is possibly where the issues of sobriety started.

But Kyle Richards was a bit stunned when she thought that Eden was almost diagnosing Kim as being prone to relapsing because she was worried about becoming a grandmother. She was merely expressing a concern about how life would change, but not in a negative way. Being a grandmother is a new role for her; just as motherhood is a new role for Brooke.

“At Dorit’s party, Kim expressed having “new grandmother” anxiety about her grandson, meaning the typical parental type of worrying. I thought that was very clear. For Eden to turn that into anything other than what it was is beyond comprehension,” Kyle Richards explains in defense of her sister who was just excited about becoming a grandmother, adding about Eden Sassoon, “As a sober woman (as she likes to say), doesn’t she see how damaging that is?”

It’s interesting that Kyle points out “as a sober woman, as she likes to say,” as Eden admitted to taking pills. After losing her father, she had to get some help in dealing with her emotions, and she got some prescription pills. She pointed out that she never struggled with pills, just alcohol. But Kim didn’t get the same treatment or benefit of the doubt when she had surgery and required pain pills. And Kyle is hurt by the things that her co-stars are saying about her behind her back.

“The accusations Lisa Rinna and Eden made about me pale in comparison. Calling me an enabler? Neither of these women have any clue what goes on between my sister and me. The only people that could comment on our relationship are people that have spent time with us or are close enough to us that we would have shared stories. Nobody close to us could ever call me an enabler, because they know what we have gone through,” Kyle Richards explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that she’s thankful that her true friends are standing up for her.

“Thank you Lisa V for sticking up for my sister and me,” Kyle Richards ends her blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, according to Bravo, adding, “I was hoping all of this stuff with Kim was behind us. It would be nice considering this is a special time in her life. People pretending to care about her should at least see that.”

What do you think of Kyle Richards pointing to Eden Sassoon’s pill use even though she claims she’s sober? Do you think she is questioning Eden’s motives in regards to her sister?

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