Landon Clements Gives Update On Kathryn Dennis: ‘We Are All A Work In Progress’

Landon Clements had a lot of things going on during the previous season of Southern Charm. Not only was she trying to launch a new website that she hoped would become a full-time business for herself, but Clements was also trying to figure out if she could date Shep Rose. She clearly had feelings for him, but she felt that his feelings were not exactly reciprocated. On top of that, Landon also had to deal with Kathryn Dennis. During the last couple of episodes, Landon heard that Kathryn was worried that she had hooked up with Thomas Ravenel. Even though Landon kept denying it, this clearly caused a rift between them.

According to a new Bravo report, Landon Clements is now revealing that they are somewhat working on their friendship. Of course, Kathryn is very stubborn and determined to prove her point, so she may not want to explore a friendship with Landon if she doesn’t get the truth. And even if she does get the truth, Dennis may not want to have Landon in her life. So, where do the women stand today? Landon Clements recently gave Bravo’s The Daily Dish an update about what fans can expect during the upcoming season of Southern Charm.

“Oh gosh, surprising things [since last season], hmmm. I’m pretty mellow so nothing too drastic. I guess the thing viewers will be most interested to see is how my relationship with Kathryn evolves,” Landon Clements explained to The Daily Dish recently, according to Bravo, adding that she’s still working on herself, explaining, “We are all a work in progress.”

During the season finale and during the reunion special for Southern Charm, Clements never explained whether or not she had hooked up with Thomas Ravenel. Thomas never really said anything about it, but it is possible that Landon Clements doesn’t want the truth to come out, as she had just been trying to get Shep Rose to date her. And one can imagine that Shep doesn’t want to date Thomas’ leftovers. However, it sounds like Clements decided to leave the drama on Southern Charm behind this summer and fall, and travel a bit.

“I very sheepishly had my first show of sorts. A good friend has a leather line called Taxidermy and she let me showcase a few pieces in her pop-up. There are still a few for sale! It was fun and I hope to do another one around Spoleto in Charleston late May,” Landon Clements explains about her time in Charleston, adding about her recent travels, “I was just in the English countryside for Thanksgiving. We hiked the Monarch’s Way through the Cotswolds, it was spectacular seeing all the fall foliage. Then for New Years, I ended up in Cabo and that’s always fun. I think you need an educational trip and then a party trip every now and then, haha.”

It will be interesting to see how her relationship with Rose develops on the upcoming season of Southern Charm. It sounds like he has no interest in dating her or getting serious with someone, but she’s convinced that they would make a good couple.

“It’s sort of hard [to date] when you are in a different city every week. No plans of slowing down so we shall see what summer brings,” Landon Clements explains about her current relationship status with Shep Rose, adding, “If you know any tall shaggy surfer types let me know, haha.”

What do you think of Landon Clements’ update in regards to Kathryn Dennis? Do you think she has hooked up with Thomas and will do whatever possible to deny it to protect her privacy?

[Featured Image by Bravo]