‘Sons of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Episode 10 ‘Crucifixed’ [Video]

Sons of Anarchy spoilers give faithful viewers a sneak peek into the upcoming 90-minute long episode. During the “Crucifexed” episode, Clay somehow convinces someone to offer him protection from Jax’s wrath and Eli’s quest for vengeance.

It is unlikely that Clay’s charming personality convinces a powerful ally to come to his aid against SAMCRO, so money or promises of a favor are likely to be exchanged for the service. The Hollywood Hills website spoilers indicate that bullets will fly through someone’s windshield. Who the unlikely motorist is and whether or not there will be the need for a trip to the emergency room are unknown.

Jax supposedly attempts to reassure Tara that they will get through all of the crazy madness which continues to swirl around the Charming motorcycle club. The SAMCRO leader does not appear to fully convince his new bride that all will ever be sweetness and light in their lives.

Gemma appears to continue on with the romantic ruse with Clay. Once again, sharing a bed with the man who had done so much damage to the lives of her loved ones will likely not help the biker grandma kick her growing lust for booze and pot. Whether or not she lets Nero in on the scheme remains a mystery.

Eli warns Juice (a.k.a. Juan) to hit the road because Jax figured out that Clay’s little pal is the rat at the table, according to ExaminerSOA spoilers. Sons of Anarchy Episode 1o of Season 5 is shaping up to be an extremely intense hour-and-half of excitement. Multiple shootouts are expected to go down during the extra-long episode.