WWE News: Former World Champion Talks Not Wanting To Work With Daniel Bryan

After a professional wrestler leaves the ring and is no longer with a company, that is when a lot of unknown stories start coming out. Most recently, a former world champion revealed that WWE not only screwed him over at one point but also that he wasn’t interested in working with one of the best wrestlers to ever step foot inside the squared circle. Even through all that, Batista still had time to share his fondest memory of the Royal Rumble.

Batista has won his fair share of titles in WWE and he has been with the company off and on for a long time now. He had a comeback run back in 2014 that really was a weird one, and he honestly wasn’t happy with how any of it went.

Daily Dead spoke with Batista about that run and he simply stated that it “sucked” and that is had nothing to do with him. He wanted to get involved and do things the best way he knew how to do them, but “there was just a lot going on behind the scenes. He said that things were really bad and they just simply “screwed me over.”

His return to the company was right during the time that Daniel Bryan was on his way to super-stardom, and Batista worked a great deal with him. As a matter of fact, Bryan defeated Batista and Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of WrestleMania XXX.

wwe news batista royal rumble daniel bryan screwed over wrestlemania

His time with WWE during that year and his feud with Daniel Bryan was enjoyable, but Batista actually wanted to stop working with him after WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans. He was set to leave and do the press rounds for Guardians of the Galaxy, but he stuck around an extra month as WWE asked him to do so.

The thing is, Batista says that WWE wanted him to keep working with Bryan and work another pay-per-view with him, but he didn’t see the point.

“We were just starting the Evolution thing, so why couldn’t we run with that instead of me putting Daniel over again, which I just did at WrestleMania? We’re not going to have a better match there than we did at Mania. Let’s just work more with Evolution and build these guys up. So we did. Then right after we built the hell out of them and they were so strong as a unit, they broke them all up. I said, ‘What is wrong with you guys?'”

So, it wasn’t that Batista didn’t want to work with Daniel Bryan for a specific reason, but he simply didn’t understand why that feud needed to go on.

After WrestleMania XXX, Evolution started a feud with The Shield which saw Batista, Triple H, and Randy Orton lose at the next two PPVs. On the June 2 episode of Monday Night Raw, Batista said he was fed up with working for Triple H and “quit” WWE, an angle that many thought was actually real.

“I also think a lot of people thought that I really quit, that I really walked out, when in reality, I really stayed an extra month more than I was obligated to do just because I really wanted to be there. I felt like I finally hit my stride and I was so happy to be there again.”

Interestingly enough, WWE recently asked Batista about his best memory in a video series call “Remember the Rumble” which is all leading up to this Sunday’s Royal Rumble. In the video released, WrestleZone points out that Batista discusses how “surreal” it was to win the 2005 battle royal over John Cena.

wwe news batista royal rumble daniel bryan screwed over wrestlemania
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One thing that many may not remember is that the ending of the 2005 Royal Rumble was not planned. When both men went over the top rope and to the floor for the double elimination, it was not supposed to happen that way. Batista was set to win the match cleanly and be the last man standing, but he allowed himself to fall over the top rope and out.

Vince McMahon ran down to the ring, restarted the match, and let the two superstars do it again. A few minutes later, Batista tossed Cena over the top rope and was ruled the winner.

Over the years and decades, different superstars are treated different ways. Even when they have everything going for them, bad times are bound to happen. It’s interesting that so close to the Royal Rumble, Batista’s comments about being “screwed over” by WWE and not wanting to work anymore with Daniel Bryan, are coming out now. His time with the company may be done for now, but never say never in the world of wrestling.

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