Sophie Stanbury Divorce: Why She Hasn’t Finalized Her Divorce Yet On ‘Ladies Of London’

Sophie Stanbury had been filming Ladies of London as a friend of the ladies last year, so she isn’t a complete stranger to viewers. But this season, Sophie is a full-time cast member and is opening up about her own personal life. On Ladies of London, Stanbury was a huge support system for her sister-in-law, Caroline Stanbury, but she never talked about her own marital issues. So when she joined the show this year, the first thing she revealed about herself was that she was divorcing Caroline’s brother, Alex Stanbury. They had already filed the papers when they started filming, and she was working through her emotions as they learned to live separate lives.

According to a new Bravo report, Sophie Stanbury is now revealing that she’s still coping with her divorce, as they haven’t finalized everything yet. As it turns out, Stanbury needed time to deal with her emotions, and they had to go through the negative feelings before being able to come full circle and finalizing the divorce.

“It was really hard. It was a big decision to figure out whether to share my story and my life with the public or not. I think from the British point-of-view, it’s very unheard of. It’s not the done thing,” Sophie Stanbury explained to Bravo’s the Daily Dish recently about her feelings. “For me personally, I was absolutely petrified, but it was a really cathartic experience.”

On Ladies of London, Sophie Stanbury revealed that she and Alex had met when they were party animals. They would go out and party and have fun with one another. This was essentially their relationship. When they had children, Alex continued to party while Sophie was forced to slow down and become a mother. She was waiting for him to stop partying, and he didn’t take the family role seriously enough. This caused Sophie Stanbury to experience negative feelings toward him.

“You go through phases of being extremely angry, extremely happy, extremely hurt, extremely liberated, extremely lonely. There’s so many different feelings that go through you when you’re going through a separation. And I really tried to handle them in a kind of demure, appropriate way,” Sophie Stanbury explained to Bravo about her emotions as she was dealing with the divorce.

Sophie shared that she struggled to make sense of her negative feelings as her marriage came to an end.

“And I’m sure at times I didn’t, because you do have those moments of anger where you just throw something out there or object to something or you protest about the way somebody else is treating you or treating them or whatever,” Stanbury continued to Bravo’s the Daily Dish.

Of course, divorce cannot be done overnight. There are feelings, money, custody issues, and assets that have to be settled. And Sophie Stanbury reveals that they had to wait until they were able to discuss their emotions and feelings with one another before settling some important issues.

“Alex and I are in a great place now. It’s taken time, and we’ve had a lot of stuff to figure out. I think the initial separation, you both go so far apart so quickly, the communication is not as good. And I think now, we’ve really come to the point where we are talking, we are communicating, we are figuring things out and making plans,” Sophie Stanbury explained to Bravo about where they are now, adding, “We’re friends again, which is really nice. So hopefully, we’ll stay like that.”

Sophie and Alex haven’t finalized their divorce just yet, but it sounds like they are in a space where it is possible to be cordial. What do you think of Sophie Stanbury waiting to make a decision about her marriage and divorce?

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