WWE News: 2017 WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle, WWE UK Stars To Appear In Royal Rumble Match?

Former WWE Superstar Kurt Angle will be inducted into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame, but could we see him just a little bit earlier as part of the WWE Royal Rumble event? That seems to be the case as recent rumors and reports point to the Olympic gold medalist appearing this Sunday. Obviously, each year the Rumble either debuts people or brings people back just to keep the surprise element alive.

Triple H mentioned in an interview that the Rumble match will be very unpredictable this year, and he’s certainly right on the button about that one. There have been so many rumors about who could win that we might have already covered the entire roster by now. Probably the two most notable names related to the win would be The Undertaker and Samoa Joe. They are the two most common ones people have seemed to agree on.

However, anyone could win this year — even a possible former talent for WWE. According to Ringside News, it seems that Kurt Angle could appear at the Royal Rumble event this Sunday. He had to pull out of an event for 5 Star Wrestling this weekend, where he was supposed to be a guest commentator. He is not going to be there, and there could be only one reason for such a move.

Kurt Angle Bobby Lashley

Why would Kurt Angle pull out of a paid event, especially one that he is not even wrestling at, unless it was for a good reason? Angle has not been connected to anything with WWE other than the WWE Hall of Fame, which was about all he was set to do during this year’s WrestleMania season. You never know with WWE, as they can make some interesting changes whenever they feel like it.

On top of Kurt Angle’s possible appearance, there are rumors that a few WWE United Kingdom stars could very well be part of this weekend’s events. They could either be surprise entrants to the Rumble match or take part in the WWE NXT Takeover: San Antonio show, which looks to be the most prominent rumor as of now. People like Tyler Bate have not really been seen anywhere outside random U.K. shows since he won the WWE United Kingdom Title, so an NXT event would make sense.

It was said that WWE would possibly use some of the U.K. guys on upcoming WWE NXT events to help establish them with WWE fans before the WWE U.K. show goes down. However, WWE is also working on a deal with ICW, Progress, and OTT Wrestling to hopefully add them to the WWE Network. If they can seal that deal, WWE would have their title defended on those shows to connect things before WWE opens up their own U.K. show.

Tyler Bate

It seems that WWE would like to make sure they get a lot of television time so that they can be established enough to use them more when they finally do have their own show. Putting them on a big NXT show would be smart, and adding them to a Royal Rumble match may also be a good plan if it’s decided they belong on WWE’s main roster one day.

The only one that seems to make sense for the Royal Rumble match itself out of all of this would be Kurt Angle. It is unlikely he would appear at a WWE NXT event, considering they could use him more on the main roster. Obviously, a win for Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble event is very unlikely, but again, this year is so unpredictable that a Kurt Angle win would not be too shocking.

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