‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Ep 20 Spoilers: Goodbyes Are Not Forever, Series To Have A Happy Ending

Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 20 is going to be the last installment in SBS’ mermaid tale featuring Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. The last scenes in Episode 19 spurred speculation that the series is going to have a sad ending, with Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) and Shim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun) parting ways. Seeing Cheong in pain, Joon Jae decided to be the bigger person and allow the love of his life to return to the sea so she could continue living. He emphasized that his love for the mermaid will last longer than his time on earth. He is willing to let her go if that means that she could continue living.

Almost all of the deep and dark secrets in the past has been unveiled in the Legend of the Blue Sea. While Episode 19 proved that Joon Jae had loyal friends at his side, it also revealed that being loved in return is not enough for a mermaid to stay on land for the rest of her life. Right after sustaining a gunshot wound through her heart, Cheong recovered miraculously thanks to her unusual mermaid powers. However, it also took a toll on her health, which means that she needs to go back to her natural habitat — the sea.

Bittersweet Goodbyes

Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 19 made it clear that Joon Jae and Cheong are going to be apart. This fueled speculation that the series might have a tragic ending. Based on the preview for the upcoming episode, the series finale is going to have a beautiful ending just like any other Park Ji Eun drama.

In the final scenes of the previous episode of Legend of the Blue Sea, Joon Jae prepared a special feast for Cheong. While they were enjoying each other’s company, Joon Jae declined Cheong’s offer to pour him some wine, stating that he did not want to have a drink because he might ask her to stay.

As the couple cherished their final moments together, Joon Jae asked Cheong not to erase his memories. He retracted this request later on and asked Cheong to make her choice. Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 19 ended in a kiss, and viewers are left wondering if Joon Jae will lose his memories again.

Love Finds A Way

The Episode 20 preview reveals that Joon Jae and Cheong are going to get separated. Cheong makes her way back to sea to regain her health. Joon Jae will lose his memories of Cheong, but he will continue to miss the woman he loved every day. The separation, albeit temporary, is not going to be easy for the couple.

Joon Jae will try his best to cope with Cheong’s absence. Despite his memory loss, it will still wear him down. Ultimately, he will find his way back to the sea and will cry desperately while on the shore because he is missing someone. Meanwhile, Cheong could not live at sea when her heart aches for Joon Jae, and she will find a way to go back to her home on land to know how Joon Jae is doing. Jo Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon) opens the door for her and asks who she is. This implies that Cheong erased everyone’s memories that involved her.

Disappointed with Joon Jae’s absence, Cheong leaves. Hunched in a corner, Cheong looks depressed as the first snow starts to fall. This time of the year has been quite eventful for the couple. The last footage from Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 20 preview shows Joon Jae reaching out for Cheong’s hand while carrying an umbrella. He then asks her if she knows him.

From the looks of it, Joon Jae and Cheong are going to be the living proof that a mermaid and a human can fall in love and grow old together. Aside from Joon Jae and Cheong, Cha Si Ah (Shin Hye Sun) and Tae Oh would also have their moment in the series finale. In Episode 19, Tae Oh (Shin Won Ho) kissed Si Ah while they were on the bench and those two could finally find happiness in each other’s arms.

Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 20 will air on Wednesday, January 25 at 10 p.m. Korea Standard Time on SBS.

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