Eva Dolezalova And Suki Waterhouse Gets Steamy In The Newly-Released Art Film, ‘Sound Of Sun’

Put two beautiful models in a film, plus Sean Penn, and you can never go wrong.

Eva Dolezalova, a Czech model, producer, and now, a director, released her debut short film entitled Sound of Sun last January 14, which stars Suki Waterhouse and Sean Penn. This sensual fantasy film focuses on self-awareness as one treads between the realms of dreams and reality.

This daring take of Suki Waterhouse, who, at first, is seen as an innocent and gullible woman as she becomes a mademoiselle who has explored the depths of her sexuality. This was a far-fetched role compared to her previous movies such as the Divergent series, where she played as Marlene, and her most recent act, The Bad Batch by Jim Carrey. Meanwhile, director and actress Eva Dolezalova takes on a new challenge with her film, Sound of Sun, as she portrays a lesbian who is sexually attracted to Suki. Eva is the one who helps Suki explore the beauty of her sexual energy.

A new outtake of lust and self

Sound of Sun opens with a short monologue. The speaker in the film talks about hearing the sound of the sun as the film shows some video clips of Eva basking in the sun and being in the sea. Some scenes were shown in black and white footage, and others were shot in different colors that depict the character’s emotions. One part of the film shows Suki climbing the hotel staircase passing a couple making out in a room, and while all this was happening, the scene was awash in red light symbolizing passion and desire. This array of vivid colors is indeed alluring to the senses of the viewers.

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Suki finally reaches the room where Eva is waiting for her, puffing on a cigarette. Seen in the same scene is Sean Penn, in his cameo appearance, in which he acts as the gatekeeper for Suki’s new world of libido and sexual drive.

With the lights, the braless Eva, and the vulnerable Suki, we are embraced by a world between dreams and reality as these two women display erotic moves that heightened their wants and attraction for each other.

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“I had a recurring dream of a transition, a change where I saw various lights and figures that have helped me to transform into the artist that I am today. In my dream I was becoming that, and this is why I grabbed my computer and wrote a tale of a revelation. I saw its characters and environment, but it all began with some sort of lights that were guiding me into the other side—almost as if I knew that there’s something waiting for me in a new world, and it was waiting to be fulfilled.” Eva said.


“I believe that as human beings we are always shifting and transforming, or getting closer to what we want to be, and this film is based on that. In the film, Suki embodies the character of a young woman, myself in my dream, who seeks to discover something new and become the person that she always wanted to be.” she added.

It’s a good short film, and it won’t be the last.

Heavily inspired by Derek Jarman’s work, we see a new talented director on the rise for in short films. Sound of Sun is a good breakthrough move for Los Angeles-based Eva. Meanwhile, her onscreen partner, Suki, will have her big break in Hollywood together with Ansel Elgort in a new sci-fi film.


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